Is it good to drink pure milk or yogurt?Will choose and drink correctly to really benefit ~

Yogurt and pure milk are common dairy products that can provide rich high -quality protein for the body and enhance immunity.But some people like the taste of yogurt, and some people think that pure milk has higher nutritional value.Who is more about yogurt and pure milk?

Yogurt, pure milk, good or bad?

Pure milk and yogurt, both from nutritional value or taste, are actually good choices and rare dairy products.In terms of production technology, yogurt has one more fermentation process than milk.


Yogurt: Easy to digest and absorb

During the fermentation process of yogurt, the nutrients of some macromolecular nutrients are decomposed into small molecules. Like some protein, it will be decomposed by lactic acid bacteria into amino acids and peptides, which is more likely to be absorbed by the human body;

Moreover, about 1/3 of the lactose is also decomposed, and some lactase is also generated. Therefore, people with inconsistent lactose can eat with peace of mind and have a wider population.


Yogurt: It has an advantage over the intestine

Yogurt contains a lot of beneficial bacteria. After gastric juice and various digestion, some live bacteria will still reach the intestine. Although the survival time is only a few hours to a few days, during this period, it will help restore the intestinal normal floraPersevere in yogurt can prevent some intestinal diseases.

However, the yogurt on the market is full of dazzling, and Xiao Er has to remind you that the yogurt you drink every day may not be really better than milk!

The yogurt you drink is not necessarily "real yogurt"

Simple four steps, teach you to choose healthy yogurt

Observing it carefully, there are many categories in the supermarket, flavored yogurt, recovery milk, yogurt, old yogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks, etc. With such a variety of types, how can we choose a healthy yogurt?


Look at the name and rule out "fake yogurt"

If the product name is "drink" and "drink", you can basically determine that they are not yogurt.This type of yogurt is only 30%of the milk ingredients, as long as the protein is greater than 0.7%, it is enough, but the sugar content is extremely high.

In addition, there are fermented milk or yogurt with the word "flavor", which is likely to add some jams, grains, food additives, etc. to increase the amount of fat and calories. Drinking such yogurt for a long time will increase the risk of obesity.


Look at the formula, select "High -quality Good Yogurt

When buying yogurt to see the ingredient table, first see if the first place is raw milk, that is, fresh milk, it is rich in immunoglobulin, milk iron protein, etc. The fermented yogurt is more comprehensive; if it is water or milk powder, it is not true yogurt, it is not true yogurtEssence

② Probiotics

In the yogurt, the substance that is beneficial to the intestine is mainly probiotics, such as: Bulobacterium Lactobacilla and thermal split bacteria are beneficial bacteria that must be added when making yogurt.Lactobacillus, etc., also confirms probiotics that have a health effect.

In addition, some yogurt will add probiotic elements, that is, probiotic grain, such as hypocruster maltosaccharides, fructose, hydrolytic sugar, chrysanthemum powder, etc.

③ sugar -free

Many people want to eat yogurt to lose weight and improve intestinal problems, but the effect is not obvious. The problem may be on the "sugar" of yogurt.

Yogurt should actually be sour, but most of the yogurt on the market is sweet. Looking at the ingredients table, most of them are added with sucrose and sugar.

On the one hand, heat is elevated, and people with diabetes and weight loss are not suitable; on the other hand, sugar affects the intestinal flora and weaken the effect of yogurt on the intestine.

The sugar -free yogurt has low calories and richer nutrition. It is especially suitable for three highs, pregnant women, children, and weight -loss people.


Two ingredients: one high and one low

① High protein content

The content of authentic yogurt protein is ≥2.9g/100g, and the higher the content, the better.

② Low carbohydrate content

This indicator can basically reflect the amount of yogurt’s sugar, the lower the better, of course, the yogurt is more sour.

In addition, the lower the energy and fat, the better.


Look at the preservation temperature, the preferred low temperature storage

Lactic acid bacteria generally maintain activity at about 2-8 ° C, so only in low temperature yogurt existed, and the shelf life is generally only about 15 days;

The normal temperature yogurt passes through the "Pakistani sterilization" and does not need to store it at low temperature, which extends the shelf life, but at the same time, there is no active lactic acid bacteria.

In addition, in the process of transportation and storage, the number of active lactic acid bacteria will become less and less. Therefore, the fresher the date, the better.

In simple terms, in national standards, the real "yogurt" refers to only "yogurt" and "fermented milk", which is not added except milk and bacteria.

Grandfulness of yogurt

In addition to eating directly, there are actually many ways to eat yogurt:


Potted yogurt

Ingredients: yogurt, Oreo biscuits, mint leaves.


① Scrape Oreo biscuits for cream, put them in the bag, and crush it with hard objects;

② Put the yogurt into a transparent cup, shatter the biscuits on the yogurt, and embellish it with mint leaves.


Yogurt purple potato puree

Ingredients: purple potatoes, yogurt, nuts.


① Steamed the purple potatoes and cut it into mud;

② Purple potato mud is poured into the mold and compacted, buckled upside down in the plate;

③ Pour a layer of yogurt on the purple potato puree and sprinkle some nuts.

In addition, yogurt can also replace fruits and vegetable salads for salad sauce; it can also be wiped on toast instead of fruit sauce. These ways of eating are healthy.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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