Is it harmful to the baby of security, microwave oven, and watching x -ray film?Remember these 5 safety during pregnancy

Regarding the question of "X -ray and other radioactive examinations? How to do it?", We asked 100 expectant mothers, the top 5 questions, and I will answer them one by one today.

Top 5 questions

1. There are dental caries during pregnancy, can you take dental slices?Will it affect the baby in the stomach?

2. In the first half of pregnancy (N months), I have done a chest X examination. Now I am pregnant with my baby. Does this examination affect the baby?

3. The wrist fracture was shot X -films. After 3 weeks, I found that I was pregnant. Do I need to terminate pregnancy?

4. Do the babies do not cooperate with the babies, and do I need to do a few more B -ultrasound examinations, will it affect the baby?

5. Is the security instrument of the subway and the airport safe for the fetus?I heard that the appliances at home have radiation?Is it used for wearing radiation protection clothing?

"In addition to the extreme situations of a few, most diagnostic X -rays are relatively safe for pregnant women."

1. The dosage of the radiation exposure of conventional X -films and computer fault scanning (CT) is much lower than the exposure dose of damaging the fetus

Keywords: visual dosage, should not refuse to use

The impact on fetal development when the radio exposure dose is less than 50mgy, and the risk of fetal deformity is significantly increased when the dose is greater than 150 mgy.Most of the conventional X -sheet checking radiation doses is less than 20mgy, and abdominal CT and pelvic CT are usually less than 35mgy.

(The chart is a common radiology examination of fetal radiation dosage)

Therefore, conventional dental X -ray examination, head X -ray examination, limb X -ray examination, and chest X -ray examination, including breast molybdenum target examination, will not cause damage to the fetus.Single diagnostic X -ray examination doses that the irradiated dose can not cause the dose that can cause embryo or fetal damage.

Second, X -ray teratogenicity is related to the fetal age of fetal exposure

Based on the data of the survivors of the atomic bomb, the radiation exposure of 8 to 15 weeks of pregnancy has the greatest impact on the central nervous system.The minimum radiation threshold for intellectual disorders is 60-310 MGY, but the minimum dose of clinical records is 610 MGY.High -dose radiation can cause limited growth, small head deformity and intellectual disorders.Generally speaking, in conventional image diagnosis, such a high -dose X -ray will not be used.

(The chart is the relationship between radiation hazards and gestational weeks, dosage)

Third, the full or ineffectiveness of the X -ray exposure before bed

Considering the full or ineffectiveness of the X -ray exposure in front of the bed, that is, for pregnant mothers who have done X -ray examination in the early pregnancy, the embryo is "defeated" and abortion;Don’t worry too much.

In the same way, if you find pregnancy after receiving radiation, if no abnormal problems occur, you can give birth to your baby with peace of mind.

Fourth, conventional ultrasound examination or magnetic resonance during pregnancy will not affect pregnancy

Keywords: no risk, reasonable application

Ultrasound, magnetic resonance (MRI) and X -ray and CT examinations have no exact research report on diagnostic ultrasound examination (including Doppler ultrasound examination) on the fetus.

5. Most of the radiation in daily life belongs to non -ionizing radiation that has no effect on the human body

At present, the security checks widely used by subways, railway stations, and airports are used to use the principle of electromagnetic induction. The handheld security check in the electromagnetic field is to induced metal items through radiating electromagnetic fields. None of them belong to ionizing radiation. Generally speaking, there is no serious radiation hazard for the human body.

The radiation generated by the microwave oven, television, refrigerator, mobile phone, etc. that are exposed to daily life belong to non -ionizing radiation, which is often not as good as the radiation strength brought by bright sunlight, so there is no need to worry about it at all;

In addition, many mothers ask the question of radiation protection suit. I want to say that this is psychological comfort, and theoretically, it will not protect the ionizing radiation that is harmful.

*In addition, you can also refer to the clinical treatment: the latest version of "Guidelines for Diagnostic Imaging Imaging Imaging Image Examination Guidelines" jointly released in 2016, jointly released in 2016, jointly released in 2016The 2017 edition updated the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and filmmaking 钆 exposure of related support evidence and description terms.


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