Is it necessary to eat folic acid?

After pregnancy, the doctor will tell pregnant mothers to eat folic acid. Generally, public hospitals or social Kang will be provided to pregnant mothers for free. For pregnant mothers, the international standard is 0.4 mg. Everyone knows to take folic acid, but what is folic acid is?Well, let’s get to know it together. Folic acid is also called vitamin B9, which is a water -soluble vitamin. It was first extracted from spinach leaves and purified, so it was named folic acid.It has the effect of promoting the maturity of young cells in the bone marrow. If humans lack folic acid, they can cause giant red blood cell anemia and leukocyte reduction. It is particularly important for pregnant women. The demand for folic acid in pregnant women is 4 times higher than that of normal people.

Folic acid has different functions at different stages:

Before pregnancy

Before preparing for conception, in addition to the basic quitting and alcohol quitting, the prospective mother must also maintain a pleasant mood. At the same time, women with childbearing age must be supplemented from three months before pregnancy. The folic acid content is 0.4 mg every day.Some researchers investigated that if women start supplementing folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy, the purpose is to keep the folic acid content in female friends at a certain level to ensure that the embryo can have a good nutritional state in the early stage of pregnancy.Reduce the chance of babies in the future.

Early pregnancy

Early pregnancy is a critical period for the differentiation of the fetal organs and the formation of the placenta. The brain development is the earliest. The cells grow, the split is very strong, and the most vulnerable to teratogenic factors. At this time, folic acid deficiency can cause fetal malformation.For example, neurotranscenes with a rate of about 3.8 ‰ in China, including congenital heart disease, rabbit lips, brainless children, spine bales, etc.It may also cause early natural abortion.

Mid -to -late pregnancy

In addition to fetal growth and development, the blood capacity, breasts, and placenta development of the mother’s body increased the amount of folic acid.Insufficient folic acid, pregnant women are prone to premature placental peeling, pregnancy hypertension syndrome, giant red blood cell anemia; fetal dysentery in the palace delay, premature birth and birth low weight, and such fetal growth, development and intellectual development will sufferInfluence.

How to charge folic acid correctly

The total amount of folic acid in the human body is about 5-6 mg, but the human body cannot synthesize folic acid by itself. It can only be ingested from food and digested and absorbed.The baby is constantly growing in the mother’s body. The mother’s folic acid is transferred to him through the placenta. The placental tissue and the uterus are growing. The demand for folic acid is getting greater and greater.Folic acid supplementation should first start with the most natural food. The content of folic acid in animal liver, kidney, and green leafy vegetables is very rich. You can make them often appear on your table.Pregnant mothers should change some cooking habits, minimize folic acid loss as much as possible, and strengthen the intake of folic acid -rich foods.

Natural folic acid exists in animal and plant foods, especially in yeast, liver and green leafy vegetables.

Folic acid -rich foods include:

1. Fruit: Orange, strawberry, cherry, banana, lemon, peach, Li, apricot, bayberry, begonia, jujube, hawthorn, pomegranate, grape, kiwi, pear, walnut, apple, etc.

2. Vegetables: lettuce, spinach, dragon beard, broccoli, rapeseed, cabbage, green vegetables, lentils, pods, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, mushrooms, etc.

3. Beans: soybeans, soy products, walnuts, cashews, chestnuts, almonds, pine nuts, etc.

4. Animals: Animal liver, kidney, poultry and eggs, such as pork liver, beef, lamb, chicken, egg yolk, etc.

5. Grain: whole wheat flour, barley, rice bran, wheat germ, brown rice, etc.

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