Is it necessary to eat folic acid after pregnancy? Why is no problem in the past that no one can eat folic acid?

Now with the promotion of popular science knowledge, many people have consciously prepared the importance of scientific pregnancy, but there are also some "serious" people. For the case of supplementing folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy, some people think that the mother’sMom, grandma’s mother … Is there no problem with folic acid when there is no folic acid in the past, is there no problem with folic acid? Is it necessary to eat folic acid?Today, I will share with you a common sense about supplementing folic acid during pregnancy.

Importance: Why should you emphasize folic acid during pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, the sensitive period for formation of fetal nerve tubes requires sufficient folic acid to meet the development of the nervous system, and it is necessary to adhere to eating in the first three months after pregnancy to prevent neural tube malformation better.According to the study, taking 400 μg of folic acid every day before pregnancy can reduce the chances of newborn neural tube defects (NTDS).

Studies have shown that after taking folic acid, women need to improve the state of folic acid deficiency in the body after taking folic acid. Even if folic acid is taken for a long time, it will not cause damage to the body. ThereforeFolic acid in the posterior body is maintained at a certain level to ensure that the fetus has a good nutritional state in the early days.

Folic acid must be supplemented. Supplementing folic acid is very important for reducing the incidence of deformities. Now it has folic acid, so it must be added.

How much is supplement: How much should women should be supplemented every day?

Healthy pregnancy women supplement 0.4 mg of folic acid every day to help prevent fetal malformations, and 0.4-1 mg of folic acid is safe every day. It can be added from the first three months after pregnancy to the first three months after pregnancy.

Women who have had neurotranscence (spinal spine) have a neural tube malformation history in the baby’s fertility history in the past, and women who have neural tube deformities in the history of fertility in the child’s fertility will be larger, and 5 mg of supplementation will be supplemented daily.

Who can make up: Both pregnant couples need to add

Men often have the habit of smoking and drinking, which is not only harmful to the body, but also causes the loss of many nutrients.In addition, men have a bad food in diet, and vegetables and fruits eat less, which has a bad impact on the body, which will affect the fetus.Although the child is pregnant in the mother, the advantages and disadvantages of offspring depends to a large extent on the quality of fertilized eggs.Therefore, it is necessary to eat folic acid before pregnancy.

For men, the average daily intake of folic acid has an average daily intake of 722-1500 micrograms, and the sperm risk coefficient will be reduced by 20%-30%.Male supplementation of folic acid can eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, bean foods, and other foods rich in carotene, zinc, vitamin B6.In addition to replenishing folic acid before pregnancy, the prospective dads and then intake of nutrients such as β-carotene and zinc can better improve the number and quality of the "seeds" of prospective dads.

Isn’t it necessary to eat folic acid tablets?

In real life, many people are mothers without preparations, and have given birth to healthy babies.There are also many people. Although they are planned for pregnancy, they have not taken any folic acid supplements, and they also get healthy babies.

In fact, it is completely related to personal physical fitness without taking medicine to supplement folic acid.If your body has always been healthy and diet is balanced, folic acid tablets are not necessary. You only need to pay more attention to your diet structure and cooking method during pregnancy.

Of course, if you are not very confident in your physical condition, then take some folic acid supplements in an appropriate amount when you are preparing for pregnancy, which is always good for preventing fetal malformations.

In short, if you eat or not to eat folic acid, you must decide according to your physical condition. This question does not have a completely absolute answer.

In addition, some people say that people in the past do not supplement folic acid. Of course, objectively speaking, there are almost no food safety problems in the past, the air will not haze, the eating habits and habits are relatively healthy, and the pressure in all aspects is also smaller than that modern people are smaller than modern people.Many, so these prerequisites are much better; in addition, the previous fetal health rate and survival rate should not be high now. With the improvement of medical conditions, scientific breeding has great benefits for the survival rate and health rate.

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