Is it normal for these 4 changes to these 4 changes in breasts after pregnancy?Mom understands not anxious in advance

After women are pregnant, there will be some changes in their bodies, such as gain weight, widening pelvis, worse skin, and these changes will become more and more obvious.In addition, the changes in breasts are very obvious.During pregnancy, some mothers will feel that the breast becomes tingling and a little swollen. Since many novice mothers do not know much about these changes, they will be difficult to adapt when they encounter this situation, and even slightly anxious.Today we will talk about what changes will mothers encounter during pregnancy.

Big breasts

I believe that many pregnant moms have a deep understanding. During pregnancy, the progesterone content in mothers has risen, and it will stimulate breasts for secondary development.But this development is not the bigger or upward direction of the breasts we imagine, but gradually extend from the lower part to the armpit.Under such changes, the mother’s original underwear is obviously inappropriate, and continuing to wear can only cause the breast discomfort.Moms can choose a breastfeeding bras with good elasticity, strong support, light and breathable, so as to help the blood vessels in the breast.

Breast sensitive

During the pregnancy, the mother’s breasts seemed to be more delicate. Some mothers hurt when they touched, let alone pinching. Some mothers would not have a clear pain, but they felt a little itchy.Due to the differences in the constitution of each mother, the severity of these symptoms will be different.In order to reduce this discomfort, the mother should reduce the stimulation of the breast, and change the underwear to wash it. Do not massage the breast freely.Mom can also choose to take a hot bath to relieve it, but pay attention not to be too high to avoid affecting the development of the fetus.

Long stretch marks on the breast

Many mothers only know that stretch marks may be president on the stomach, and there may be small fine lines that may be curved on the breast.During pregnancy, the gland and blisters in the mother’s breasts gradually become hypertrophic under the stimulation of hormones, and the growth rate of the skin is relatively slow, which has a bondage of the breasts.At this time, "breast pattern" will appear, which is very similar to the stretch marks on the belly.Moms should not be afraid. You can apply some olive oil on your breasts. At the same time, you must also control the growth rate of weight, and timely supplement vitamins to keep the skin elastic.

Milk secretion

Most mothers will only be secreted by milk after childbirth, but there are also a few mothers who will unconsciously secrete some sticky milk when they are in the third trimester, but this is a normal physiological phenomenon. Do not need too much to be too needed to be too much.Worried that as long as you change the underwear in daily life, keep the breast clean.In order to prepare for the baby’s breastfeeding, the mother can also choose to wipe the nipple gently with a warm towel.If you are worried that it will be embarrassing to see it, your mother can add a layer of anti -overflow pad to the underwear.

The above is some changes in the mother’s breasts during pregnancy. In the face of the discomfort caused by these changes, the mother should relax, don’t be anxious, and keep usual.

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