Is it really effective to drink brown sugar water when you encounter dysmenorrhea?How can I effectively nourish qi and blood?

Is it really effective to drink brown sugar water when you encounter dysmenorrhea?How can I effectively nourish qi and blood?

Hello everyone, I am your health consultant, Dr. Xu.I believe that many young girls have encountered the same problem, that is, during the menstrual period, the abdomen will always be unbearable or diarrhea.Some girls are even serious and need to go to the hospital to get a bit.So, how should we treat during dysmenorrhea, is it the most correct?What kind of food can help us effectively nourish qi and blood during menstruation?

First of all, we need to correctly understand brown sugar water. In the menstrual period, brown sugar water does not effectively relieve pain.After all, it is not much different from drinking hot water. As a carbohydrate, it is like sugar and other sugars, with high sugar content and low iron content.Therefore, the purpose of replenishing blood can not be effectively achieved, and the reason why everyone has a relatively comfortable state after drinking brown sugar water.It is because the cold uterus can be effectively relaxed after being nourished by these warm water, so it can relieve pain.However, in Chinese medicine, we believe that brown sugar itself can play a role in strengthening the spleen and stomach, relieve pain, and promote blood circulation.

In Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica", it is also recorded that brown sugar can effectively nourish blood and promote blood, and at the same time help us exclude some of the dirt in the body.Many medical books have also recorded the role of brown sugar.In the aspect of hemostatic and stasis, the effect is still better.Therefore, in general, girls can still have a certain effect during menstruation, but the curative effect is not significant.

Some girls are prone to cold abdomen, dysmenorrhea, or less menstrual blood, more blood clots and poorly running.Drinking a little brown sugar can effectively improve the body’s activity.At the same time, warm brown sugar can also help some girls to alleviate the situation of poor mental state and poor complexion.In the Chinese medicine, brown sugar actually has a certain effect. For example, with ginger and brown sugar, it can effectively dispel the cold qi in the body and help us warm the stomach.At the same time, you can also relieve pain. If you add motherwort, you can play a role in nourishing blood and nourishing qi.

The above are only for girls with less menstruation during menstruation. If they have a large amount of menstruation and reddish, and irritable girls, it is not recommended to use this method.In addition, patients who have indigestion or diabetes should not eat brown sugar too much. So what are the foods that can help us replenish qi and blood during menstruation?

First of all, during menstruation, we need to supplement a large amount of nutrition so that we can effectively compete with the energy lost in our body.So, we eat the following foods that can effectively nourish qi and blood, such as red meat.Most red meat refers to those red -red meat. Among this kind of meat, the hemoglobin and iron protein contained in this category are more and can effectively nourish blood. For example, beef is a very good ingredient.First of all, beef itself is rich in iron elements. Secondly, the fat content of beef is low, which can satisfy the protein and energy we need.However, eating red meat should also pay attention. Even if it is not easy to grow meat, it is not possible to eat too much at a time.

Secondly, you can eat some animal liver. Animal liver is very beneficial for blood supplement.Of course, it is also appropriate, because like a pork liver, the iron that is rich in it is not how much we can absorb.Once the amount exceeds, we have no way to absorb it normally.Moreover, if it is a crowd with hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, do not over -consume these animals internal organs.Because the cholesterol content in animal organs is very high. After eating this type of patients, it is easy to increase the value and cause damage to their bodies.

In addition, for those who suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and people with hyperlipidemia, consume such drugs, which is equivalent to raising some of their own values and loses it.I would rather eat some fruits with high iron content, and do not take the animal’s internal organs too much. So which fruits will be relatively high?

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that you eat fruits such as mulberry, cherries, and longan.These types of fruits are not only rich in iron content, but also have good tastes. They are also fruits that many people like very much.However, these fruit diabetes patients cannot eat more and easily cause sugar.

Finally, there are some animal blood products, such as duck blood, pig blood, sheep blood, beef blood, etc. In these kinds, the iron content of duck blood is high.And the price is relatively cheap. The iron content of pig blood is the lowest, but it can also be eaten in moderation. When cooking, it can grasp the amount of food as much as possible. Do not consume too much.

In fact, in addition to focusing on physical conditioning, we must pay more attention to the balance of our mentality.Many girls are prone to irritability before menstruation, or during the menstrual process, the whole person is very poor.At this time, we should maintain a peaceful mentality and strive to keep ourselves happy.In this way, immunity can be effectively improved, and we can also make us look healthy.The health mentality is conducive to the better operation of the bone marrow hematopoietic function, and at the same time, it can also make our skin more rosy and shiny.After all, a healthy physique is what we really need, otherwise the excessive sigh, and a lower emotion every day, which is not conducive to our lives.

In addition, in terms of diet, we should also pay attention to taking more high -quality proteins, as well as some necessary trace elements and vitamins.Such as common animal viscera, fish, shrimp, eggs, dairy products, black fungus and black sesame seeds, etc., can be performed, which is conducive to improving our own immunity.Finally, we must strengthen physical exercise. Many people feel that there is no need to do outdoor activities in the near future. After all, every step is very painful.However, in the near future, if some aerobic exercises or daily walks are performed, it can not only improve our body’s immunity, but also effectively improve our hematopoietic function. It is a very good choice.

In fact, the menstrual period is not terrible. What is terrible is that we cannot treat it with a good mentality.As long as we can adjust our mentality, let ourselves always maintain an optimistic and cheerful state, welcome these days of each month, strive to adjust our diet, and maintain a good schedule, we can also make ourselves healthier.Of course, if you want to keep the dysmenorrhea away from yourself, you must pay attention to your usual physical exercise and keep warm. Do not temporarily hold the Buddha’s feet, and wait until the menstrual period to pay attention to health.I am Dr. Xu, your health consultant, we will see it next time.

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