Is it really stupid for three years?

Three years pregnant?

Will pregnancy really make people "stupid"?Why is this?

In fact, pregnant mothers feel that they are "stupid" during pregnancy, which is mainly caused by hormone changes in the body.

Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, progesterone rose steadily and rapidly, and the thyroid level began to decline. The changes caused by progesterone caused pregnant mothers to forget, lose three or four, and difficulty in concentration, and slowing thinking ability.

In the third trimester, the impact of progesterone began to decrease slowly, but the level of estrogen increased, which would also cause the pregnant mother’s brain to have problems in "temporary memory".

In addition to changes in hormone levels, the other is the lack of nutrition, which will also make the pregnant mother feel "stupid".

Because after pregnancy, the fetus’s body, brain, and nerves are developed, and nutrients need to be drawn from the body of the pregnant mother. If the pregnant mother takes insufficient nutrition in the diet at this time, after the fetus absorbs nutrition, the body of the pregnant mother will lack nutritionIn the end, the memory decreases.

But don’t worry that "stupidity during pregnancy" is affected by physiological factors, but it is more affected by external factors.

First of all, a woman is not a relaxed thing in itself. After learning of pregnancy, she will be more cautious than usual, especially in the second trimester, the fetus is getting bigger and bigger.Sleeping at night is also worse, and poor sleep will naturally affect memory.

Secondly, after pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s attention is more attentive to the fetus. It is not surprising that everything is not more important than the baby.Instead of attention.

In the end, the pregnant mother gave her "psychological suggestion". She felt "stupid". After pregnancy, people around them would say that she would be pregnant for three years after pregnancy. Due to such social conceptsPreset of "stupid" judgment for yourself.

If there is a decrease in memory, the pregnant mother should relax, do not worry, keep good sleep, eat more foods containing phospholipids and fatty acids, such as beans, egg yolks, lean meat, etc.It will get a lot of improvement.

In the end, it is concluded that pregnant mothers will not really "be pregnant for three years". Don’t be too anxious, don’t worry too much about pregnancy will affect your own intelligence, let alone "one pregnancy and silly for three years."This sentence.

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