Is it uncomfortable during pregnancy discomfort?Teach you a few tricks!

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Pregnancy discomfort is a problem that many pregnant moms are more headache. The most common discomfort during pregnancy is nausea, cramps, low back pain, etc. It is said that it can cause headaches during pregnancy.Cause adverse effects.So can you only endure the discomfort during pregnancy? Of course not. Today, there is a good baby editor at home to tell you some tips to relieve discomfort during pregnancy. Let’s take a look!

1. Donestion symptoms: nausea, vomiting

1. Plum

The vomiting stage will like to eat sour things, but it is best to soak the acid plum in the water and eat it, so that you can prevent too much salt.

2. Black sesame paste

After pregnancy, a bad response of constipation and vomiting can be used. You can drink it with boiling water and drink it, which will get a certain level of relief.

3, cauliflower

Eat more cauliflower, the content of vitamin C in cauliflower is extremely rich, which is equivalent to 4 times that of Chinese cabbage. The content of vitamin B2 and carotene is separated by 2 times and 8 times that of Chinese cabbage.Especially the green cauliflower, its vitamin C content is richer than ordinary cauliflower, which can be called the "warehouse" of vitamins.Caimai has the function of appetizing and eliminating stagnation, which can reduce the response during pregnancy.

4. Use a cold towel to massage the eyes

When it was vomiting, the front and sides of the head were painful, and the eyes even thought that they could not be opened. Try to avoid reading and making eye massage.It is also effective to put the cold towel on the head and eyes.

5, sweet and sour egg soup

Broken 2 eggs in the bowl, stir well with chopsticks, add 30 grams of sugar and 100 grams of rice vinegar.Boil the water with a high heat, pour it into the egg liquid, and boil.It is very suitable for expectant mothers who have severe vomiting during pregnancy.

6. Carbonated beverages

The vomiting stage is indispensable for carbonated drinks.Especially orange -flavored soda.

7. Carrying raisins with you

He headaches can’t sleep, bad rest, and loss of appetite.Eat some fruits when I don’t want to eat, but it is not good to go to work with fruits, so take raisins with you.

8. Frequent tomatoes in the refrigerator

When you are on an empty stomach, you often think that you want to vomit, so you must prepare things that you can eat at any time, and put the tomatoes into a closed container in the refrigerator.I thought I was a little hungry and I ate.

9. Put some lemon on the car

Because expectant mothers are very sensitive to the breath, they are often unhappy because they smell some breath. They can bring a part of lemon on the car, so that they can regulate the breath.

10. The scent of smelling

Carrying your own fragrance perfume with you, this will make your mood better and reduce vomiting repercussions, the effect is very good.

11. Eat less irritating food

In the early morning, when the expectant mother felt the most disgusting, I ate some biscuits, bread or pieces of sugar before getting up.

12. Add ice in the fruit with a lot of sugar

Drink a liter of fruit from the time when I opened it, but I was worried that I had too much sugar, so I added some ice inside, which was diluted and it was very cool.

13. Complete relaxation

After eating vomiting, the expectant mothers should not be nervous. They can do deep breathing, listen to music, or walk outdoors, and then eat continuously.

Second, discomfort symptoms: low back pain, back pain, shoulder pain

1. Use the belt and cold and wet cloth to deal with low back pain

If the expectant mother stands for 4 to 5 hours every day, her back pain will not be able to stand it.It can be applied with cold and wet cloth at night, and it will really have a good effect with a belt during the day.

2. Do moderate exercise

The importance of lumbar back pain is caused by the stretch of the abdomen, and the burden of the waist and back muscles was aggravated when walking.The control method is to walk for 30 minutes every day from pregnancy, insist on stretching out his arms for deep breathing exercise, do not lift heavy objects, or often do the movement of movement forward and light labor.

3. Massage will make you overcome shoulder pain

If the prospective dad can use his big hand to give the prospective mother’s shoulders and waist every day, it will definitely make the expectant mother hurt.

Third, discomfort symptoms: constipation, frequent urination

1. Eat more fruits, soft food, honey water and light salt boiling water

Frequent constipation urine. The prevention method is to eat more fruits, vegetables, dinner noodles, porridge and other soft foods. Drink a glass of honey water before going to bed. Drink a glass of light salt and boiling water on an empty stomach every day to develop the habit of regular stool every day.People with frequent urination should control the amount of water and salt, and feel that do not hold urine when there is urination, so as not to cause urinary retention and urethral infections.

2. Drink yogurt

Put a banana or an apple in a mixer, add 250 ml of yogurt and stir well to make fruit yogurt.Drinking a cup of yogurt every morning can also improve bowel movements.

Fourth, discomfort symptoms: leg cramps, hands and feet paralysis

1. Wash your calves and feet with warm water

Hand and feet paralysis prevention method is to avoid excessive fatigue and eat more foods rich in vitamin B1.Avoid standing for a long time, getting your feet a little while rest or sleeping.Wash your calves and feet with warm water every night to help remove the paralysis and edema of your feet.Eat more foods rich in vitamin B1.

2. Hall your legs

The way to prevent leg cramps is to persist in massaging the legs or cushions or quilts to sleep with a cushion or quilt every day. Do not stand for a long time. Do not wear high heels.

Fifth, discomfort symptoms: sore throat

Drink warm water

Sore throat pain is an allergic response to progesterone, which can heal quickly after childbirth.But pay attention to preventing colds. You should avoid shouting, crying, etc. usually.You should drink some warm water often, and you can also contain some moisturizing slices in moderation.

6. Disable symptoms: systemic itching, joint pain

1. Avoid stimulation

The control method is to do not eat spicy and irritating foods such as chili, tobacco and alcohol, do not wear chemical fiber leggings and do not contact allergens, and eat more vitamin B and C foods.

2. Massage and hot compresses

Symptoms can be used to use local massage or hot compresses.

Seven, discomfort symptoms: emotional low

1. Cut your hair

If it is too hot, it will make yourself feel irritable and you can cut your hair into a beauty salon to convert your mind, which will be very assisted.

2. Brush your teeth

Because the breath in the mouth is not good, the mood will be bad, so brushing will solve this problem, and the tone is refreshing.

3. Poppy popsicles who eat orange flavor

Specific mothers often feel hot, eating root popsicles can be refreshing, and can make themselves cool.The most important thing is that he can make his mood better and reduce the pregnancy response.

4. Adhere to tranquility and enough rest

Some pregnant women are often dizzy, which is important to cause insufficient sleep, overworked or unhappy mood.The prevention and control method is to insist on tranquility and sufficient rest, and you can participate in relaxed sports sports or find friends.If the symptoms are serious, you should go to the hospital for examination.

The above content is some tips for alleviating discomfort during pregnancy to alleviate the discomfort during pregnancy. I hope to help everyone!

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