Is it uncomfortable for pregnant women?Master 5 small methods, easily say goodbye to constipation

Pregnancy will make women feel the taste of happiness, and it will also make women bear some pain, such as pregnancy vomiting, constipation, etc. Among them, constipation is serious.

If the constipation of pregnant women cannot be improved in time, it will also affect pregnant women and fetuses at the same time. First, it will affect the endocrine and metabolism of pregnant women. Secondly, it may cause premature birth.Therefore, after discovering that pregnant women are constipated, actively find effective methods to improve, and avoid harm to pregnant women and fetuses due to constipation.

1. Adjust the diet

Most pregnant women have a great relationship with constipation and diet structure. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the diet by adjusting the diet, and to eat more crude fiber -rich foods, such as sweet potatoes, celery, etc., crude fiber, etc.The speed of gastrointestinal motility can be faster, making the water in the stool more sufficient. After persisting for a day or two, you can see a more obvious effect.

2. Do appropriate exercise after meals

Some pregnant women are caused by the lack of exercise, so pregnant women who constipation must take time to do appropriate exercise, especially after meals.You can take a walk after meals or walk slowly, which can not only make the gastrointestinal motility faster, relieve the constipation, and reduce the chance of gaining too much weight. It is also helpful for pregnant women to restore the figure in the future.

3. Eat foods with intestinal effect

If pregnant women have constipation, they can eat foods that have intestinal moisturizing effects, but they will not affect their health, such as honey water, which can provide some nutrients for pregnant women, but also lubricate the intestinal tract.The role of stools can be excreted smoothly, reducing the chance of constipation.Drinking yogurt can also effectively alleviate constipation, because there are many probiotics in yogurt, which can speed up food digestion and enable the beneficial bacteria in the intestine to reproduce a lot.

4. Go to the toilet immediately when you generate it

Some pregnant women will have constipation, because they have the habit of tolerance, so once the pregnant woman has a intention, she should go to the toilet immediately, and to avoid nervousness during the bowel movement.Relaxing the mentality will alleviate constipation.

5. Time to defecate

The habit of developing regular bowel movements can also effectively alleviate constipation. It is best to arrange the bowel movement after getting up in the morning or after breakfast.Before 8 o’clock in the morning can help the body excrete toxins, and the intestines are more active after breakfast. At this time, it will be easier to defecate. Therefore, it is the best to defecate about one hour after breakfast.One thing to pay attention to during the bowel movement is that it is not possible to squat too long. Otherwise, it will cause an increase in abdominal pressure and increase the chance of pregnancy hypertension.

Pregnant women are a relatively fragile group. Special attention should be paid to all aspects. Even if constipation occurs, it is not possible to ignore the condition. It is necessary to find the method in time to relieve it. If many methods cannot be improved, you must consult the doctor.Take medicines with the effect of promoting defecation, and do not use laxatives privately. Such drugs can easily lead to premature or miscarriage.

In addition, after the stool, clean the hips and private parts, and clean it in the correct order. Generally, clean the private parts, and then clean the hips.

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