Is it useful to eat bird’s nest?Pregnant mother has something to say

When it comes to bird’s nest and pregnant women, in many places, eating bird’s nest is almost the best choice for each pregnant mother. One person eats two people to make up. The mother is beautiful, the baby is healthy and smart. So many people choose to eat bird’s nest.expensive?Or is it because of its high reputation?Obviously not!

In the long river of food culture in the past, bird’s nest has always been a delicious dish at high -end banquets. It is a food supplement that can only be enjoyed by Zhongming Dingxia. In modern times, with the improvement of everyone’s living standards and the concept of health and health, the concept of health and health has gradually deepened deeper.For people’s hearts, bird’s nest is becoming the first choice for health and health for people in all ages. The nobles who have been invisible and elegant, and now they have become the fireworks that are slowly stewed on the fire.

As a traditional Chinese nourishing product, bird’s nest has always been welcomed and loved by female groups.Women’s beauty is very important, but when many women are pregnant, they have enough nutrition for the fetal treasure.Mom brings obesity.Mommy is not a good thing. On the contrary, it will have a bad impact on herself and fetal treasure.Many postpartum mothers are difficult to return to prenatal state, so how to ensure the nutritional needs of fetal treasure during pregnancy and keep mothers’ perfect figure. Bird’s nest is undoubtedly a excellent choice for pregnant mothers!

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Why do more and more pregnant mothers eat bird’s nest?

1. Provide and supplement the nutrients required for the pregnancy period

Many pregnant mothers have severely affected their nutritional intake and absorption due to their limited vomiting and eating in the early stages of pregnancy.Bird’s nest is rich in water -soluble protein, 8 essential amino acids, etc., which can make you worry -free during pregnancy.

2. Supplement the "bird’s nest acid" required by the fetus

Bird’s nest contains up to 10%of biological activity ingredients, and the important ingredients necessary for the human body, commonly known as "salivary acid" or "bird’s nest acid". This precious ingredient only exists in the best colostrum and bird’s nest in breast milk. For the bird’s nest, for.The baby’s early nerve development is very helpful.

3. Prevent stretch marks

Bird’s nest is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF), which can promote cell division and quickly repair damaged skin.Therefore, stretch marks can be prevented, the skin is tight, and it can help restore the good body of the hot mom after delivery.

4. Make your baby strong and fair skin

Bird’s nest plays an important role in the development of fetal lungs, and the main fur in Chinese medicine, which is also an important reason why many pregnant mothers who insist on eating bird’s nest have a particularly good skin and hair.

How can I eat the bird’s nest that is high -quality and safe and safe?

Don’t prevent it from coming to Beijing Tongrentang Yanpin Festival.

Tracing the source of bird’s nest, the Chinese Academy of Prosecutor’s Science and Technology tracking and managing the imported bird’s nest, that is, "one yard", each bird’s nest has a QR code. Through this code, customers can know the origin, net content, Swallow House registration registered registrationNumber, manufacturer registration number, product batches, dealers, etc.Big brands, old names, safer, can be checked, can be eaten with confidence.

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