Is low progesterone equal to abortion?There are hidden mysteries in the checkup, experts teach you to interpret progesterone value

Does low progesterone really cause miscarriage?This answer is actually no!The main reason for the real abortion is the problem of the quality of the embryo itself. Most of them are abnormal chromosomes of embryos. There are very few miscarriage caused by progesterone, and the proportion is less than 1%.In fact, the abortion pot has been memorized for many years, and today we have to pay back the convergence of progesterone.

I believe that many young friends may be particularly clear about what progesterone is. In fact, progesterone is progesterone.Pregnant mothers eat lise ketone and be progesterone.In fact, when progesterone is inaccurate, its role is mainly to maintain a period of menstruation.

The main effect of progesterone on normal pregnancy is first of all pregnancy. As the saying goes, pregnancy is the same as planting land. One is that the seeds are better, and the second is that the soil is better, so that the soil is good.Welonone can help the endometrium to become loose and soft, thereby helping the embryo to bed better.

The second role is to prevent the mother’s exclusion and induce immune protection mechanism.For a simple example, for example, the virus bacteria invades the human body, we have to discharge the virus, because the virus and bacteria are all the sake for us.In the same reason, fertilized eggs are also a thing of others and foreign things for mothers, so if the mother must better accept it, there must be an immune protection, so that the mother does not exclude the fertilized eggs and soothe the uterus.One role.

The last role is that in the early and in the early pregnancy, progesterone has an effect of inhibiting contractions.If the contraction is like a child, it will be easy to give birth to the child. At this time, progesterone has a suppressing effect, so that the uterus maintains a relatively peaceful state and suppress its very important.It can be seen that the role of progesterone is indeed a lot. No wonder many pregnant women will value progesterone value very much.

How do we look at progesterone value?For progesterone values, everyone’s misunderstanding is also very large.In fact, the daily secretion of progesterone values is pulse -like, from a few to hundreds of equal, floating is large.However, our usual inspection report only sees only one value. This value is an instant value, so this instant value does not represent all the progesterone values in the serum, so it cannot explain any problems. Everyone pays attention to this isolated isolated.The value is actually meaningless.And even if the value of progesterone is low, it does not indicate that the embryo development is abnormal, so low progesterone can cause miscarriage.

Usually pregnant women’s excessive attention is that the progesterone is 5 to 7 weeks of pregnancy, which is the earliest time. For example, if there is bleeding and stomach pain, go to check progesterone.However, at 5 to 7 weeks, progesterone is a process of physiological decline, and everyone does not need to worry about it.Only after eight weeks, the secretion of progesterone is no longer the main secretion of the mother, it is mainly the secretion of the placenta. At this time, if the progesterone value drops, it may indicate that the embryo quality itself is not good, so everyone must be correct and reasonable.Looking at the progesterone value scientifically.

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