Is my wife’s menstruation delayed pregnancy?Which pregnancy test method is the most reliable?

Which is the most reliable method of pregnancy testing?

Is my wife’s menstruation delayed pregnancy?Experience again!There are at least 4 methods for pregnancy testing. Do you know which method is the most reliable?

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Pregnancy test paper, pregnancy test stick

Accuracy: ★★★ ☆☆

The pregnancy test paper or pregnancy test stick is to determine whether the urine contains a unique HCG during pregnancy.Although the manufacturers declare that on the first day of bed, the 8th day of ovulation, early pregnancy can be detected, but most products are not so sensitive.At least 11 days after ovulation can be measured before the early pregnancy can be measured.If you want to get the correct result, it is best to do early pregnancy test strips in two weeks of menstruation.

Instrument urine examination

Accuracy: ★★★★ ☆

The number of HCG in urine can be detected only when it reaches a certain level, and if the detection time is too early, the number of HCG in the urine is not enough to respond to the test instrument.Go to the hospital for urine examination, and at least wait until the menstruation is stopped.

PS: Early pregnancy test strip and pregnancy test stick also judge the results by detecting the HCG concentration in the urine.

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Blood HCG

Accuracy: ★★★★★

At 9 days of ovulation, you can check the HCG concentration to determine whether you are pregnant.HCG is a specific hormone secreted during pregnancy. The HCG concentration in the blood without pregnancy is very low, and the HCG concentration has increased very significantly after pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, the HCG concentration will continue to increase, an increase of about 1.5 times every two days, reaching the peak of 6-12 weeks, and then slowly reduced until 18 weeks to reach stability.

B ultrasound

Accuracy: ★★★★★

B -ultrasound is confirmed by testing whether there is a pregnancy sac in the uterus. Compared with hormones such as HCG and progesterone, B -ultrasound is actually more intuitive and accurate.For more than 5 pregnancy weeks, you can obtain the diagnosis through acoustic image diagrams.Under normal circumstances, a circular or oval-shaped no-echo dark area appears in the harem of pregnancy, with an average diameter of about 0.5-1.5cm. The thicker ring is surrounded by the soundless dark area.Echo of the light group.

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PS: At present, there is a certain amount of controversy in the safety of B exercise, but if your wife has some early pregnancy and abnormalities: the HCG concentration in the blood is too low, the increase is slow, and the redness of the left and right abdomen is painful.B -ultrasound do a further inspection.

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