Is Northeast sauerkraut carcinogenic?Is it good to eat sauerkraut for a long time?Test tell you the truth

In the northeast, when the winter is overwinter, a dish is essential, that is, sauerkraut.Sauerkraut’s status in the minds of Northeast people can be comparable to Chongqing hot pot, Lanzhou ramen, Shandong pancakes, and Beijing roast duck.

The sauerkraut filling dumplings, sauerkraut and meat slices are so stewed, and sauerkraut fish. If you think about it, it will be drooling.

Why do people in the Northeast have a soft spot for sauerkraut?Because the winter in the Northeast is particularly long and the temperature is very low, icebergs and snow are everywhere. Under such cold conditions, it is difficult to eat fresh vegetables. Therefore, from ancient times to the present, people have developed the habit of making sauerkraut.

However, different people have different opinions on sauerkraut. Some people think that the history of sauerkraut has been a long time. Sauerkraut is the crystallization of the wisdom of the working people. Sauerkraut is not only conducive to preservation, but also retains the nutrients of vegetables, which is good for health.

It is also said that making sauerkraut requires a lot of salt. High -salt diet is not good for health. Long -term high -salt diet can easily induce high blood pressure. High -salt diet can also destroy gastric mucosa and easily induce gastric cancer.During the process of making sauerkraut, nitrite may also be produced, which is a carcinogen.

The question comes, is Northeast sauerkraut carcinogenic?Is it good to eat sauerkraut for a long time?

Let’s look at a test. Experts from Qiqihar City Health Epidemic Prevention Station in Heilongjiang Province detect the content of nitrite in sauerkraut.It was found that the content of nitrite was used in the pickled sauerkraut. The content of nitrite was as follows: On the first day, the nitrite content of cabbage was 5.2-7.3mg/kg.On the 5th, the nitrite content of cabbage was 189.2-213.4mg/kg.On the 10th, the nitrite content of cabbage was between 21.3-26.9mg/kg.On the 15th, the nitrite content of cabbage was between 3.2-3.7mg/kg.On the 20th, the nitrite content of cabbage was between 1.4-2.1mg/kg.

Through this experiment, what can you find?That is, the pickled sauerkraut contains nitrite, but over time, the content of nitrite is also decreasing. According to my country’s food safety standards, the nitrite content of vegetable processing products should be less than 20mg/ KG.It can be seen that after 15 days of pickled sauerkraut, the content of nitrite has reached food safety standards.

Within the scope of safety, nitrite will not cause cancer.

However, after experiments, we can also find that when making sauerkraut, the nitrite content on the first day to the 10th day is exceeded. That is to say, the earlier the pickled sauerkraut, the higher the risk.

In fact, compared to nitrite, the most dangerous of sauerkraut is salt. High salt is not good for health. This has been unanimously recognized by the medical community.WHO recommends that adults have less than 5 grams of salt intake per day, so if you especially love sauerkraut, salt in sauerkraut and salt of other foods means that your daily salt intake must exceed the standard.

High -salt diet is likely to induce high blood pressure. In addition, the high -salt diet is damaged to the stomach, and it is not alarmist.

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