Is painless people really pain?What should I pay attention to before the flow of people?

Many women who are pregnant will face the question of whether they have to have abortion surgery, especially whether it is really painful to care about painless abortion surgery?Let’s take a look together today-

Is it really painful?

Painless abortion surgery is to choose intravenous injection, because after anesthesia anesthetic anesthesia, anesthesia patients will fall asleep for a few seconds. There is no feeling of painless abortion.There is also a certain risk of performing surgery in this case.

Patients can wake up in about 10-20 minutes after the operation. According to the patient’s tolerance and physical health of the patient, many patients will have slight dizziness, drowsiness, malignant, vomiting and other discomforts.Symptoms are all normal.

Before surgery, pay attention to fasting for 8 hours. Patients also need to be psychologically prepared, maintain a good mood, and relax the whole body, so that they can cooperate with the doctor for surgery.

The best time for painless abortion

Patients who need to perform painless abortion after pregnancy, it is recommended to be performed within 7 weeks of pregnancy.Pregnancy time means that from the first day of the last menstruation, painless abortion surgery can be performed within 7 weeks.Due to the increase in embryos, clamp scraping is needed; you can also take medicine first. If the embryo is discharged intact, you can also do painless flow, that is, the combination of drug flow and abortion.

If it is only a painless flow, especially for surgery, the time must be within 7 weeks of early pregnancy, and the B -ultrasound prompts must be combined.If the embryo is large, the negative pressure attraction will have a great impact on the female uterus. At this time, it is recommended to take medicine first.

What is the cost of painless abortion

The cost of painless abortion, the surgical fee plus anesthesia fee and the test fee, about 2,000 yuan.Projects that need to be tested include blood routine, liver and kidney routine, coagulation, RH, immunity, depending on whether the liver and kidney are abnormal, if there is abnormal liver and kidney, it is necessary to be admitted to the outpatient clinic or hospitalized according to the condition.Check the eight immunity and see if there are infectious diseases, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS, and syphilis, you need to check it. You also need to check the white Taoitis without vaginitis and B -ultrasound.The test fee is about 1,000 yuan, plus anesthesia and surgery, it is basically about 2,000 yuan now.

What should I pay attention to before the flow of people?

The precautions after painless abortion include the following points:

1. After 7-10 days after surgery, go to the hospital for re-examination: mainly B-ultrasound examination to clarify the recovery of the uterine, if there are embryos, congestion residues, etc.;

2. After surgery, special circumstances such as bleeding, abdominal pain, whether there are fever, and increased leucorrhea need to be observed.

3. Rest properly after surgery to avoid heavy physical labor;

4. In the last 1 month, you need to prohibit sexual life, forbid basins, wash vagina, and medicine; at the same time, keep the vulva clean and hygienic, change the pads to prevent pelvic inflammation and vaginitis infection;

5. Avoid breastfeeding, driving, and high -altitude operations 48 hours after painless abortion;

6. It is forbidden to eat irritating foods after surgery, such as pepper, strong tea, coffee, etc.; Avoid eating and promoted blood -like foods, including Angelica, red dates, chestnuts, sweet wine, brown sugar, ginseng, Ejiao, etc.; You can eat more fish, eggs, beans, beansCategories such as rich foods, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins;

7. Usually, the menstrual menstruation should be tide 30-40 days after the abortion. If there is still no menstruation or abdominal pain for more than 40 days, you need to go to the hospital in time.

For women who have no fertility and have fertility, they must go to regular hospitals to choose regular doctors for surgery.

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