Is the butt pain caused by the pelvis?Will the pelvis loose during pregnancy?The specialist answered your question

What is pelvic correction?

Is the butt pain caused by the pelvis?

Will the pelvis loose during pregnancy?


Specialist of plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and spine massage therapy answered various questions about pelvis!

The so -called pelvic correction usually feels a giggle pressing the bones, but Plastic Surgery and Spine Tolls doctors in Japan Takeuya Hospital (Tokyo Central District) Dean Takeka Kangxiu said:Bone and joints are muscles.

The pelvic structure is connected by the immortal bone and the two cheek bones. As long as it moves a little to stimulate the surrounding muscles, the balance can be adjusted.Not only can it relieve symptoms such as low back pain, but it can also restore the pelvis to the correct position, eliminate the back of the waist backward and humpback, and improve the posture.After the pelvis is corrected, the pelvis shakes reduced when walking, which is not easy to cause pain in the knees and ankles.Dean Zhugu said: For those who cannot take painkillers such as pregnant women, there is a special pelvic correction exercise when there is severe pain.

The pelvis presents such a structure, where the immortal bone connected to the back bone (lumbar spine) is connected with 2 chens in the left and right directions.The cheese bone includes three parts: iliac bone, sciatic and pubic bone. The bone bone is combined with the immortal bone.In addition, the position of the combination of left and right pubic bone is called a pubic bone binding.

However, when the pelvis is easy to correct it, if you continue to put pressure on the pelvic muscle, the pelvis will be dislocated again.Dean Zhugu Inner suggested: Don’t sit too long, pay attention to getting up every 30 minutes, stretch your legs, and develop good habits.

During pregnancy, because of a hormone action called relaxation peptide, ligament and cartilage connecting the bones will soften.Therefore, the combination of fairy joints and pubic bone relaxation leads to the unstable pelvis, and sometimes it feels back pain.In this case, the pain can be relieved by adjusting the position of the joints and pubic bones.However, according to Dean Zhugu, pelvic relaxation is not the only reason for low back pain during pregnancy.

In order to support the expanding abdomen during pregnancy, the waist will be curved sharply backwards, which burdens the surrounding muscles, causing low back pain.In this case, due to the excessive reaction of the lumbar spine (front bend), the pelvis can improve the pain by adjusting the pelvis instead of the lumbar spine.

Stressed low back pain is not a minority. A series of movements such as fertility and postpartum, and a series of movements such as prone lying down, difficult to fall asleep, and getting up and eating force will cause the maternal pressure to be too stressful, which makes muscles such as the waist tight and stiff, inducing pain.

In order to carry out pelvic care during pregnancy and postpartum, pelvic bands will be widely used.It also has a certain effect on the low back pain caused by pregnancy or production. Dean Zhugu said: Because the low back pain caused by the over -use of the gluteal muscle and the hip hip muscle, the pelvic band that can prescribe the immortal bone can usually reduce the pain.

Repeat the same action. Excessive use of specific muscles will cause a small degree of tear that attach the muscles to the bone, causing inflammation and cause pain.The gluteal muscles, immortal bones, and iliac bones are attached to each other, and the gluteal muscle is attached to the iliac bone.Therefore, Dean Zhugu said: Using the pelvic band to press the above bone, it can reduce the burden on the root of the muscle and reduce low back pain.

The formal name of the back pain belt is the waist protective belt, and the purpose is to protect the lumbar spine.By fixing the lumbar spine to stabilize the waist, reduce the burden on bones and waist muscles.The point is to wrap the above bones under the protective band when wearing.If wearing a higher position above the bones, the effect of fixed lumbar spine will weaken.

When using low back pain belts, press the abdomen hard, and have a certain strength when tightening. Applying negative pressure will improve the support effect of the abdominal muscles.

Regardless of whether it is a pelvic strap or a low back pain, Dean Zhugu said: The wear time is about 2 weeks. The main purpose is to suppress the pain during the activity, so you can solve it when you sleep or work in front of the desk.

By lumbar pain belt, by limiting lumbar spine activity, to protect the waist, hang the pelvis at the lower end, and fully press the abdomen.The pelvic band is tied up above the upper top of the immortal bone, and the effect of relieving low back pain is relatively high.

Before menstruation, many people will feel pelvic relaxation.When going down the stairs, the pelvis shake is worrying, this trouble may be caused by hormones.The female diagnosis and treatment department of the Affiliated Hospital of the Department of Medicine of the University of Tokyo, Japan, said: Ms. Neyris, who is responsible for the female athlete clinic, said: It is mainly a loose peptide secreted during pregnancy, which will also secrete before menstruation. Studies have shown that this hormone is related to joints and ligament relaxation.

Saspin peptide is a hormone that can relax the pelvic joint and pubic bone relaxation.As we all know, the placenta will secrete this hormone during pregnancy, but Dr. Nengase surveyed 183 female athletes and found that about 60 % of women checked the secretion of relaxation peptide before menstruation.Studies have shown that taking low-dose contraceptives will reduce the relaxation peptide content in the blood (j. ObsTtt. Gynaecol. Res.: 43.530-535.2017) If the pelvis and joints of the menstrual period are unstable, you can take a low-dose for daily life.The contraceptive pills are appropriately alleviated, and you can also consult a gynecology.

The fairy bone joint is a joint of fairy bone and the iliac bone in the pelvis.The study of the deputy dean of the JCHO (regional medical function promotion institution), Mr. Murakami Murakami, deputy director of the Sendai Hospital, and the director of the Fairy Bone Jelsia Center, found that the joint dislocation here is the cause of low back pain.

The moving range of the fairy bone joint is about 2-3 mm, which is a special joint with a very low degree of activity.Deputy Dean Murakami said: The joints here to withstand the weight of the upper body and ease from the longitudinal impact of the lower body, and assume the same role of shock absorption rubber.The elasticity of these joints is not large. A little misplaced will reduce its cushioning function, causing the surrounding ligaments and muscles to be stimulated and painful.Pain mostly exists on the arms and mouse names (at the root of the legs) on one side. Because the weight and impact of the body directly act on the fairy joints, causing the unable to lie on or lie down on one side. Sit on a chair for a long time and feel pain.Causes a series of unique pain.

Usually, it is caused by the One Finger Test to determine whether the pain is caused by the fairy bone joint.If you use your index finger to poke the position of the ass with the pain, you can poke the part of the intestinal bone protruding (post-iliac spiny), 85 % is because the fairy bone joint existence of dysfunction (clin neurosurg:; 165.43-46,2018).In addition, the pain of the mouse name varies from person to person, and some people feel pain in the hip joint and lower abdomen position.

The basic treatment method is to inject the anesthesia to the fairy joint ligament (post -immortal ligament) to close the injection.One injection can relieve the pain for about 1 month, and some people can heal directly.Aka -Bota Method (joint motion therapy) and pelvic bands are also effective for treatment.In order to prevent the symptoms from developing again, the deputy dean of Murakami said that deep squats and stretching like a sumo posture also have a certain effect.

If the pain in the fairy joints appears in the hip, there are more pain in the front (A) of the iliac bone protrusion (upper iliac spine).In addition, the perception of pain (B) of the mouse body varies from person to person, and sometimes it feels hip pain and the pain of the entire lower abdomen.

Closed injection

Inject local anesthesia to the fairy ligament (post -immortal ligament).

The circular area of X -rays is a fairy joint.

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