Is the dangers of the first tire drug flow safe?

Speaking of artificial abortion, everyone will think of the cold operating table, and fear is born.For this reason, many women now prefer to choose a relatively lighter drug flow when they need to terminate their pregnancy.Although the drug flow is indeed a good choice, it is no less harmful to the body of pregnant women than abortion, and it is sometimes not completely aborted by drugs.Essence

1. Error medicine Breeding will be infertile for life

Drug flow, as the name suggests, discharge the embryo through the action of drugs.Because the drug flow does not require surgery, there are fewer damage to the uterus, but if the phenomenon of bleeding for a long time after the drug flow occurs, this may be caused by the hypertrophic flow without completely exhausting the embryo.At this time, you should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible to take measures to discharge all of them.Because if the embryo is in the uterus for a long time, it will cause intrauterine infection, damage the endometrium, and then cause the fallopian tube to occlude and eventually suffer from infertility.Generally speaking, the doctor will check carefully after the drug flow is done in a regular hospital, so the phenomenon of continuous bleeding after the drug flow is rare among pregnant women who do drug abortion in regular hospitals.However, we encountered a lot of drugs in the small clinic clinically. As a result, the embryo was not clean, and finally had to go to the hospital for help.

The most dangerous is the embryo in the fallopian tube.Because the drug flow does not work at this ectopic pregnancy, the patient will also have bleeding after receiving the drug flow, so they will think that they have "hit" the embryo.But in fact, the embryo that runs the wrong position still stays in the fallopian tube, like a time bomb, endangering the life of pregnant women.

2. What are the harm of drug abortion to women

Abortion is for women’s helpless choices, but of course, women want to choose the most troubled method when they have to face the choice of abortion. After all, abortion is not a glorious thing.Divine abortion is the first choice for many people, but there are a lot of harm of drug abortion. Let ’s understand what are the dangers of drug abortion?

1. Easy to cause abortion

Some women have an incomplete abortion after medication, which affects uterine contraction and the repair of endometrial wound, which increases the amount of vaginal bleeding significantly, exceeding 2-3 times the usual menstrual flow.At this time, blood transfusion and emergency surgery sculpting the house to stop bleeding.

2. Affects future pregnancy

If unmarried women have repeated pregnancy and repeated abortion, they can cause repeated uterine endometrial damage.Due to the damage of the endometrium, once they need normal pregnancy, prone to pre -placental placenta can cause prenatal bleeding, and some women have habitual abortion due to drug abortion.

3. Endocrine disorders

Drug flow will disrupt women’s endocrine, causing gynecological inflammatory drugs to cause adverse reflections such as abdominal pain nausea and diarrhea.In addition to physical damage to the body, the damage caused by the cause of hormones caused by it is difficult to detect.Michalone has a bodies structure, which is a kind of anti -progestive hormone, which interferences the support of progesterone from the horizontal hysteo receptor level.It disrupts endocrine, and the body needs time to recover.Mi buttone is very harmful to women’s ovaries and uterus.

Third, the requirements of drug flow on time

1. Female friends can increase the success rate of abortion after the best time to do the best time to do drug flow.Many female friends think that the drug flow can only take medicine, and the best time to ignore the abortion of drugs.It may directly affect the ultimate effect of the drug flow, so as to face the problem of secondary abortion (Qing Palace surgery).Divine abortion is only suitable for early pregnancy within 49 days of pregnancy. The average diameter of the B -ultrasound is less than 2.3 cm.

2. The best time for drugs is less than 49 days after pregnancy. Avoid more than 3 months. If it is more than 3 months, the fetus has an excessive formation and can only induce labor.The time to calculate the pregnancy is not calculated from the time of sexual life.

3. The best time (artificial abortion) for tires is within 10 weeks of pregnancy.Because the fetal development at this time has begun to take shape, the tissue in the palace is relatively simple, the more secure the fetal surgery, and the faster recovery after surgery. When considering how long the pregnancy can be born, female friends have to clarify themselves.What kind of fetal surgery wants to choose.

4. The medication must be a surgeon within 49 days of menopause. The age is under 34 years old;

5. Do a B -ultrasound check before taking the medicine to confirm that it is internal pregnancy;

4. Several misunderstandings about drug flow

The drug flow is like a cold. Take a few slices of medicine and lie down at home.

The medicine flow is definitely not like a cold. Before taking medicine, a regular urine test and B -ultrasound should be performed to determine the conditions that meet the drug flow. You should rest at home during the medication. You must be hospitalized on the fourth day of the medicine.B ultrasound.

Even if you don’t take medicine at home, you can just find a small clinic.

Drug flow should be used as a regular hospital with certain medical conditions and standardized diagnosis and treatment.Doctors in these hospitals are more experienced and can determine whether the pregnancy tissue has been discharged and try to help you solve various problems in the miscarriage, such as whether to clear the palace.

The flow of drugs must be better than people, and it is definitely the first choice.

Compared with abortion surgery, drug flow is a simple and small -traumatic method, but it is not applicable to everyone.Only within 49 days of menopause, the age is between 18 and 35 years old, there is no history of chronic diseases or allergic asthma, not a ring of pregnancy.Pregnant women who have received glucocorticoid treatment can only be used for drug abortion.

The drug flow is not painful, just like diarrhea, it is okay to hurt.

The drug flow is not as easy as people think. In addition to the most common abdominal pain, half of them will have nausea and vomiting. There are also a few people who are dizzy, fatigue, chills, fever, numb hands and feet, and even diarrhea.And the amount of bleeding after the drug flow and the long bleeding time will make you feel very troublesome.

The drug flow does not need to be surgery, so you can go to work immediately.

The drug flow is forced to peel off the uterus from the uterus. Therefore, the trauma of the uterus also exists, so it needs to rest for two weeks after the drug flow to ensure the complete recovery of the uterus.

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