Is the drug flow really just a few medicines?

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In the case of accidents, many people have to have a miscarriage when they are still unwilling. The method of miscarriage is abortion and artificial abortion. The abortion of drugs is also known as the drug flow.Early pregnancy.The drug flow is not just a few medicines, there are many problems, let’s take a look.Is the drug flow really just a few medicines?

What is drug flow

Divine abortion is also known as the drug flow, which refers to the early pregnancy of the early pregnancy with rice non -non -non -ketone tablets plus macarolin.In recent years, it has been widely used in clinical practice.Do not need surgery in early pregnancy, and use injections or medication to achieve artificial abortion.Applying drugs to end pregnancy is a new development in the past 20 years.The current commonly used drugs are combined with Mepatone tablets and macolyterol. The former makes uterine molting degeneration necrosis and cervix softening. The latter excites the uterus, shrinks the uterus, and prompts embryo to discharge.

Do you meet the conditions of the drug flow?

1. The age of pregnant women must not exceed 40 years.This is because the drug used in the drug flow will adjust the end secretions of women’s ovaries. The ovaries of women over 40 years of age are at a recession. At this time, if they are affected by the drug, menstrual disorders may occur or even early menopause.

2. The pregnancy age of pregnant women must be within 49 days.

3. Determine whether the position of the embryo is in the uterus is in the uterus.

The latter two indicators must be judged clearly with the help of B -ultrasound.Therefore, some unconventional small clinics are positive through the phenomenon of menopause and urine tests of pregnant women. It is very dangerous to judge the pregnancy of pregnant women, and then easily give them a drug flow.

Drug flow adapting to the crowd

1. Without menopause within the 49th, it is determined to be in the palace pregnancy. Healthy women who are under 40 years old and voluntarily ask for pregnancy.

2. No history of chronic diseases or allergic asthma.

3. Those who have been diagnosed with B -ultrasound and urinary pregnancy tests are positive.

4. Women who have not received glucocorticoid therapy in the past three months.


1. Mi -non -ketone drug taboo

Endocrine diseases (such as adrenal diseases, diabetes, thyroid diseases, etc.), abnormal liver or renal function, benign or malignant tumors of various organs, hemorrhoids or thrombosis, hypertension, etc.

2. Prostaglandin drug taboos

Heart disease, glaucoma, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders and allergies.

3. Those who bring in the palace internal birth device.

4. Suspicious Palace Western Pregnancy.

Drug flow complication

1. Bleeding: The average bleeding time is about half a month, and some are as long as 1 to 2 months.

2. Abdominal pain: Most patients appear lower abdominal pain or swelling and backache and pain symptoms about one hour after oral macoolitol.

3. Incorrect abortion: After the velvet tissue is excluded, there is still irregular vaginal bleeding. The B -ultrasound tip: There is residual embryo tissue in the uterine cavity, and the palace is needed.

4. Blood -losing shock: Very few patients have aborted due to incomplete abortion.The uterus continues to bleed more than or repeated a large amount of bleeding, causing hemorrhagic shock.This is the most serious complication of drug abortion.

5. Abortion infection: During the abortion process, if the vaginal bleeding time is long and tissue remains in the uterine cavity, it may cause uterine cavity infection, which can be extended to the pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity in severe cases.Passion -pelvic inflammatory disease and peritonitis.It is manifested as fever, abdominal pain, many secretions, and odor.

6. Menstrual disorders: 1 to 2 months after the drug flow, the increased menstrual flow, shortening the menstrual cycle, or extending, and the duration of menstruation is prolonged.Generally, you can recover naturally.

7. Secondary infertility: The failure of the fallopian tubes after the abortion of the drug causes the secondary infertility, which causes a secondary infertility.Most patients are not adhesive for inflammation.The extended time of the birth of the drug and centers has caused the vagina and uterine mouth to be in an open state for a long time, creating appropriate conditions for bacteria to breed, which is easy to cause infection, leading to uterine cavity adhesion and fallopian tube obstruction.

What is the harm of people?

Drug flow (more appropriate within 49 days of pregnancy) is mainly small damage.But for a long time, you need to observe, there will be more bleeding, and the success rate of the drug flow is only 75%. Once it is not clean, the Qing Palace is required to cause secondary damage.

The best time for painless flow is 35-55 days, and it is convenient to save time, success rate, and high security. The most important thing is that the damage to the uterus is less.

1. Too early, easy to leak, suck, and short

The premature flow of people is because the embryo has just begun to develop, and the placenta is relatively small. It may occur during surgery, which may occur or leakage. As a result, women’s abortion is incomplete or miscarriage.And harm, so it is not recommended that women have premature flow of people.

2. Too late, great physical damage

The abortion surgery is too late, so at this time, the embryo development is relatively complete, the fetal sac is large, the uterine wall is thinner, etc., the difficulty of surgery has increased, bleeding increases, the risk is greater, and the physical damage to women is also greater.Import labor surgery.

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