Is the moderate cervical erosion and pregnancy safe?

Cervical erosion is a common disease of gynecology. Cervical erosion is not only a high incidence of married women, but many unmarried women also suffer from annoying cervical erosion. At present, there are many ways to treat cervical erosion.Washing and surgical treatment of cervical erosion.Drug therapy is suitable for mild, inflammatory infiltration and shallow erosion, which is often ineffective for medium and severe erosion.Moderate and severe cervical erosion should be based on physical therapy. Its advantages are that the course of treatment is short and the curative effect is good.Whether the moderate cervical erosion can be pregnant depends on the patient itself.If women have many inflammatory secretions during the moderate cervical erosion, then it will affect the sperm into the uterine cavity, which cannot be successfully combined with the eggs, causing the fertilized eggs to be unable to form, and the breeding will be affected.

Precautions for cervical erosion:

1. Maintain the clean and hygiene of the vulva, and after proper control of sexual life, sexual life is prohibited during menstruation.Go to the hospital for examination regularly to avoid unhygienic sexual life.

2. Pay attention to the health care of each critical period.Especially menstrual period, pregnancy and postpartum.

3. Pay attention to the reasonable conditioning diet structure. You should enter a light diet, eat more fruits, vegetables and light food, and pay more attention to rest.

4. If the menstrual cycle is too short and the menstrual period continues to be extended, active treatment should be actively treated and sexual life is prohibited during treatment.

Conditions that women should meet quickly

1. Normal ovulation.There are two ovaries in childcare women, and normal mature eggs are excreted every month. The eggs are drained into the pelvic cavity and picked up the fallopian tube umbrella.14 days before menstruation, about 16 to 24 hours after the eggs were discharged.

2. The ovarian secretion can maintain hormones necessary for egg cells and embryo growth.The development of ovarian requires the nutrition of estrogen secreted by the ovaries. The luteal can secrete progesterone formed by ovarian after ovulation, which is crucial to maintaining early pregnancy.

3. The cervix of the female side should be normal.If the cervix is inflamed, the cervical mucus is sticky, and the sperm is not easy to enter.Only when the healthy cervix, in the ovulation period, the cervical mucus in which it is excreted becomes clear that the sperm can get into the cervical mucus and store it in the cervix.

4. Female tubes should be unobstructed and normal.Only in this way can the sperm and eggs encounter essence in the tube, and transport the embryo to the uterine cavity: the end of the fallopian tube umbrella can collect the eggs in the pelvic fluid.Cells, while running along the falling egg tube to the uterine cavity, enter the uterine cavity after about 3 days.

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