Is the proteinuria of pregnant women be a kidney disease?Don’t panic, these 5 reasons must be considered

As we all know, proteinuria is an early manifestation of kidney disease, and it usually represents a large amount of protein leaked from renal dysfunction.And pregnant women often have a problem of too high urine protein. This is an important indicator in the examination of pregnant women. If the proteinuria is found, it needs to be paid attention to help pregnant women check various possible diseases.

1. Protonous nephropathy

If pregnant women have obvious proteinuria symptoms, they must first consider whether there is primitive nephropathy.Because proteinuria is an early symptom of kidney disease, if pregnant women have had kidney disease before pregnancy, or they are caused by some factors after pregnancy, they may cause serious harm to pregnant women.And due to the insufficient physical resistance of pregnant women, when primary kidney disease occurs, various discomfort symptoms of the patient’s body will be aggravated, and it will affect the control effect of common diseases in pregnant women.

2. Pseudocoprotein urine

Pseudo proteinuria is a common problem for pregnant women. This requires local cleaning or extraction of secretions to distinguish proteinuria symptoms.Because pseudo -proteinuria is not protein in the urine, but because the secretion is more secretion or other factors that stimulate the pollution urine samples when they leave the urine.Protein urine, but there is no corresponding change in physiological.

3. Hypertension during pregnancy

Hypertension during pregnancy is a common hypertension problem for pregnant women. This is a secondary hypertension and is caused by changes in the body after pregnancy.Pregnant women with pregnancy hypertension often lead to continuous rise in blood pressure and cause various symptoms such as dizziness and headache, including proteinuria.There are generally mild proteinuria, a large amount of proteinuria, and the severity is related to the damage to the kidneys on the kidneys. Generally, it will cause severe complications. At this time, the symptoms of proteinuria are more obvious.

4. Primary hypertension

Pregnant women are likely to have primary hypertension. For example, most of the elderly women may have a history of hypertension. Therefore, the harm caused by pregnancy will be combined during pregnancy, resulting in damage to the kidneys.Therefore, this type of pregnant women are more prone to proteinuria symptoms. It is necessary to first strengthen the quantitative examination of urinary protein for 24 hours to determine the pathological protein urine standards of patients and conduct comprehensive analysis of the cause of proteinuria.Different treatment methods need to be taken at time, otherwise patients with complications and symptoms of primary disease will be more serious.

5. Excessive stimulation factors

Pregnant women have a relatively poor physical regulatory ability, so if various excessive stimulating factors appear in life, it will easily lead to temporary proteinuria.For example, too much protein consumed by pregnant women in a short period of time, or stimulation of cold and pain, causing spasm that is transiently vascular. At this time, the increased vascular wall permeability will give protein the opportunity to enter urine.Generally, this proteinuria problem is not serious and can be fully recovered in a short time.

The symptoms of proteinuria of pregnant women are not all pathological manifestations, but they need to pay attention to problems caused by various diseases.Under normal circumstances, protein cannot enter the urine through the glomerular filter membrane. Therefore, when discovering proteinuria, you need to consider kidney diseases, which can quickly ensure the patient’s kidney safety.

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