Is the same room good for the fetus during pregnancy?What will the baby feel?Many mothers are surprised

Whether women can live sex during pregnancy, I am afraid that there are different views in different places. For example, because Alian lives in the countryside, she is warned by the elders at home, saying that the husband and wife cannot live a sex life during pregnancy.It will affect the development of the fetus. This seems to be a little unpopular for a young couple who is in the middle of the age.So, will women really have adverse effects on the fetus during pregnancy?In fact, the husband and wife have sex during pregnancy. Not only will it not endanger the fetus, but it will also be good for the fetus. Not only that, when the mother is sexual life, the baby can feel it!Is the same room good for the fetus during pregnancy?What will the baby feel?Many mothers are surprised.

First, the baby will feel the mother’s heartbeat.We all know that when sexual life, human heartbeat will accelerate, of course, pregnant women are no exception. At this time, the baby in the belly will feel the heartbeat of the pregnant mother.It will constantly move your own body instinct, which causes the pregnant mother’s belly to discomfort. This is a normal phenomenon. Pregnant mothers don’t have to care too much!

Second, the baby will feel the shrinkage of the mother’s uterus.When pregnant mothers live in sex, the uterus will shrink, and the baby in the "cat in" can naturally feel that this "small room" is trembling.The adjustment of the posture is also good for the baby. Don’t worry about this, this will not endanger the health of the baby.

Third, the baby will feel the body’s tremor.When sexual life, the body will naturally tremble, and even a sound will be made. The baby is still more sensitive to these feelings, but don’t worry too much, because the amniotic fluid will play a cushioning role and will not endanger the baby.Of course, some husbands and wives will try to reduce the amplitude of the movement. This is also necessary, because if the amplitude is too large, it will cause the amniotic fluid to break, which needs to be paid attention to.This tremor is also good for the fetus, don’t worry about your mother.

Fourth, the baby will be specially excited.Under normal circumstances, when the sex life of the pregnant mother is over, the body will feel particularly tired. However, for the baby’s baby, it is the opposite of the mother.In sexual life, the blood circulation in the body will increase, which will indirectly cause the fetal baby to stabilize the emotion in a short time.How about it, do you feel very interesting?

Therefore, you can spend sexual life appropriately during pregnancy. It is best to do it in the second trimester. Pay attention to grasping the scale, which is good for your baby and mother.

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