Is the vagina normally after pregnancy?The four characteristics of the secretions after pregnancy have a large change in the secretions and abnormal secretions

Many women are troubled by vaginal secretions before pregnancy, and they are ashamed to say to outsiders.However, the color, state, and secretion of vaginal secretions are the health rails of your health during pregnancy, especially during pregnancy. Once negligible, it may have an impact on pregnant women and fetal health.

Before pregnancy, many mothers felt that their secretions were abnormal, and she seemed to be more serious after pregnancy.Many mothers don’t know what to do?At this time, the mother may wish to communicate with the doctor during the checkup to see if it is normal.

If you want to know if your situation is normal, you must know what normal secretion is

After a woman is pregnant, the pelvic and cervix begin to congested, and the hormones have changed a lot. The vaginal secretions are indeed very different from the pre -pregnancy. As long as the mother remembers the color of the secretion, it is mucus -shaped, and the odor is normal.

There will be 4 major changes to the abnormal secretions

1. The amount of secretions suddenly increases, and it will be attached to the underwear.

2. The secretion is foam or block, and the viscosity increases

3. The color of the secretion is yellow -green or blood color

4. There is a bad odor or fishy smell

When the pregnant mother finds that the secretions have different colors, odors, abnormalities, and are accompanied by pain or itching, they need to seek medical treatment in time.At this time, it is likely to be bacterial infection. It should be treated in time to prevent pelvic infection.

How should I prevent abnormal secretions after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, pregnant women should improve their diet and personal hygiene.Especially the choice of materials and styles of underwear, especially before pregnancy.At this time, it is not suitable for choosing fiber material and tight underwear, because these underwear is extremely breathable, and it is easy to make the pussy breed bacteria.It is best to choose cotton loose flat -angle underwear.

After pregnancy, the pH (pH) value of the vagina has changed. If the immunity is reduced, it is easy to cause unbalanced growth in the normal bacteria in the vagina, and the vagina is infected with bacterial infections.The best way to prevent is the regular diet and schedule, allowing immunity to operate normally.

Common four abnormal secretions

1. The secretion is purple

If this brown secretion occurs in the early pregnancy, it means that the bleeding amount is not large, the vagina is accumulated after bleeding, and then discharged with normal secretions, so it is brown.At this time, the pregnancy is a precursor to miscarriage.

If this secretion is born in the middle and late pregnancy, it may be the possibility of uterine polyps, uterine atresia insufficiency, and premature birth.

After a woman’s pregnancy, changes in hormones will increase endometrial hyperplasia. Generally, they will not cause bleeding. If they do not affect childbirth, they can be removed after delivery; if the polyps are blocked, surgery is needed.

Incorrect uterine atresia will also secrete this secretion. When the number of pregnancy is 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus expands rapidly at this time. If the cervix of the pregnant woman is short, slight contraction will cause lock insufficiency.At this time, doctors need to perform cervical sutures based on the number of gestational weeks.

The contraction in the late pregnancy stimulates the expansion of the cervical, causing cap blood vessels to rupture and mucous membranes, and bleeding occurs. This is a sign of premature birth.If the gestational week is less than 34, you need to consult a doctor’s fetal.

2. Bleeding from the secretions

If the secretions have obvious signs of bleeding, it may be caused by priority abortion, pre -placent, and placenta.

This secretion occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. The secretions of pregnant women have bleeding and accompanied by abdominal pain. It may be abortion and should seek medical treatment in time.

If this secretion occurs in the middle and late pregnancy, it is most likely caused by the front placenta. The placenta covers the cervix and bleeds, but there is no pain.If the amount of bleeding is large, it will endanger the safety of pregnant women and fetuses.

If there is such a secretion and accompanied by abdominal pain, it may be early peeling.The placenta is an important organization for the fetus with nutrition and oxygen. Once peeling early, it will endanger the fetal life.

3. Crostary frozen -shaped

This secretion is generally caused by bacterial infections, and it is generally accompanied by itching in the genitals.In terms of intuitive, pregnant women have redness and swelling, burning, and secretions.This is a need to seek medical treatment to make the doctor prescribe the right medicine.

4. The secretion becomes yellow or green, and the odor

If pregnant women have this secretion and accompanied by itching in the pussy, they are also caused by bacterial infections.

Once a pregnant woman appears above the above abnormal secretion, in addition to cooperating with doctors, the following points must be done

1. Selection of underwear

At this time, it is more appropriate to choose loose cotton underwear. This kind of underwear is good to avoid the wetness of the vagina.Do not choose tight briefs or smaller panties.Wash the underwear separately from other clothes.

2. Use adsorption power to better sanitary napkins

If the secretion is increased after pregnancy, you need to choose better sanitary cotton and replace it in time to avoid infection.

3. Choose a natural care solution

It is recommended that pregnant women use natural pussy care solution to keep the genitals clean and prevent bacteria from breeding.Clean the genitals in a timely manner according to the instructions or doctor’s order.

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