Is there a computer, printer, and copying opportunity in the office affect the fetus?

A few days ago, I received an inquiry from a fan. I believe his question is what many parents of the mother want to ask!

My wife has just been pregnant for more than a month ~~ We are also looking forward to this baby, but recently checked the information online, the more they checked the more frightened.EssenceMy wife has a lot of computers in the working environment. Their office is a large office. The computer is almost 15 units. Most of them are notebooks. The position of my wife sitting has an old desktop and a LCD computer.There are 2 printers less than 2 meters behind her, and there is a copy of the platform on the right. I bought radiation clothes for my wife, but is it useful?Yesterday I pouted my mouth to eat braised fish, and my wife made me with an induction cooker.EssenceWe are doing engineering. They usually eat in the cafeteria and occasionally do it ourselves.EssenceI saw that the radiation of the induction cooker today is also very large. Is this impact?

In order to facilitate convenience, many people put the office equipment such as printers, fax machines, and photocopies in where they are very close to seats. As everyone knows, office equipment such as printers will produce some ozone, dust, noise, and electromagnetic interference during use. It can be said that the office is an office.Inner "invisible killer".

During the photocopy process, a copy of the copy will generate static electricity, and the electrostatic turns oxygen into ozone, and ozone is combined with nitrogen in the air. After a chemical reaction occurs, nitrogen oxidation compounds can be generated. Nitrogen oxidation compounds can cause certain damage to the human body, causing patients to cough patients to cough., Phlegm, upset of pharynx, sometimes chest tightness and shortness of breath.

Some people like to change the ink box by themselves. Professor Li said that it is more harmful to people.

Professor Li Manxiang: Carbon powder contains some carcinogens. In the process of changing, if you don’t pay attention to sucking in, if you do this for a long time, it may cause some inflammatory side effects.

Any electrical appliances will have radiation, so there is no need to worry too much. Until now, there are only accidents, pain, and other situations that cause babies damage. There is no case that it is damaged by radiation.

Most foreigners do not know that there is radiation -proof clothes, so in order to ask for a peace of mind that can wear radiation -proof clothes, it doesn’t matter if you wear it.

However, it is best to wear radiation -proof clothes every day when you go to work. Take it off when you go home. Children also need normal light radiation irradiation to ensure health.

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