Is there a cyst that requires surgery during pregnancy?The diameter is greater than 6 to 8 cm. Surgery is necessary

When it comes to ovarian cysts, most female friends will change.In our basic cognition, ovarian cysts are a very serious gynecological disease. If ovarian cysts have ovarian cysts during pregnancy, the serious situation will even endanger the health of the baby in the abdomen.However, whether ovarian cysts affect pregnancy depend on its nature.Ovarian malignant cysts are actually ovarian malignant tumors, and in this case, it is not suitable for pregnancy.But if ovarian cysts are benign, the volume of cysts will become the main factor affecting pregnancy.

1. Does ovarian cyst affect pregnancy?

In principle, surgery is necessary for ovarian cysts with diameter more than 6 cm to 8 cm.The effects of ovarian cysts on pregnancy include cysts and ruptures, abdomen, abortion, premature birth, etc.At the same time, cysts occupying the pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity will affect the growth of the fetus, and it will also hinder the decline of the fetus and cause childbirth difficulties.Unlike uterine fibroids, pregnancy may cause ovarian cysts. For example, lutein cysts are a type of ovarian cyst after pregnancy.

Of course, most ovarian cysts are not caused by pregnancy.If pregnant women are diagnosed with malignant cysts, they should be treated as soon as possible.However, if it is a benign cyst and a small diameter, you can take observation and conservative treatment.If a benign cyst diameter is greater than 8 cm, surgical treatment should be performed in the ultrasonic examination.

2. Does the cyst found during pregnancy require surgery?

Generally speaking, part of the cysts induced during pregnancy may disappear by itself.Especially for pregnant women from twelve to 14 weeks of pregnancy, cysts that can disappear by themselves are very prone to appear. This cyst is usually called "physiological cysts". At this time, external intervention is not required.During pregnancy, if the cyst diameter exceeds 6 cm to eight cm, the "scope of safety alert".Even more than 10 cm appeared, and when the ultrasound showed that the cysts were solid, nipples or separators, and abundant cyst blood flows, the possibility of vicious cysts had changed.Once surgery is determined, the surgery time is better from the 16th weeks of pregnancy to the eighteenth week of pregnancy.At this time, the uterus is not too large for the surgical environment, and the risk of abortion is relatively small.If the cyst has acute symptoms such as rupture and reversing, it should be treated in time. Considering emergency surgery, pregnancy should be terminated if necessary.

It is worth mentioning that pregnant women must do a good job during ovarian cysts to understand the progress of ovarian cysts.Clinically, hysteroscopy combined with laparoscopic surgery can play an active role in the treatment of ovarian cysts.Laparoscopic technology has dual function diagnosis and treatment. In the closed uterine and abdominal cavity, doctors can diagnose and surgery by checking the angiography on the screen, which greatly reduces the risk of surgery.

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