Is there a kidney deficiency in the increase of nighturia?Remember the "three -character scriptures" of the kidney, both men and women are applicable

The old saying "men must nourish the kidneys", what is said is kidney deficiency.In fact, both men and women may have kidney deficiency, and the symptoms of kidney deficiency are not only manifested in reproductive, excretion, spirit, sleep, etc. will be affected.Today I will explain the kidney deficiency in detail.

Mr. Zhang, seek medical treatment due to the increase in yin urine

Mr. Zhang belongs to the innate and frail type. It is easy to get sick from childhood, because it has spent a lot of money to see a doctor.Recently, Mr. Zhang found that he had increased nocturia, and he was going to get up three or four times a night. He felt that he could not sleep. His resistance was poor. Now because of lack of sleep, he has a worse spirit.Nothing is good.

People with good health generally do not have more than 2 times at night. It is obviously not normal like Mr. Zhang. So is it kidney deficiency?

Patients with kidney yang deficiency cannot converge because the kidney qi is not solid, and the fluid in the body cannot converge.

However, the symptoms of more than night urine can not be concluded that Mr. Zhang must be kidney deficiency.Other factors need to be considered, such as: such as::

The cold weather will shrink, the kidney metabolism is accelerated, and there will be more urine filtered, especially the elderly, more common.

Because the renal function of the elderly is poor, the bladder elasticity is insufficient, and urine is not easy to store.And many elderly people also have prostate problems, inflammation stimulates the urethra, which can also cause more urine.

In addition, factors such as increasing drinking water, eating a lot of fruits, early sugar or diabetes, emotional tension and other factors will affect excretion.Therefore, it is necessary to investigate and find the reason for the increase in the increase of the night urine.At the same time, it is necessary to combine other symptoms to judge whether Mr. Zhang is kidney deficiency.

Mr. Zhang’s complexion is relatively white, his eyebrows have no spirit, and he is fatter. He is panting as soon as he walks. He said that he was afraid of cold, his hands and feet were not warm for many years, and often diarrhea.Combined with these symptoms, Mr. Zhang is in line with kidney yang deficiency.

Ms. Qian, because of irregular menstruation, for many years infertility, she will seek medical treatment

Ms. Qian married her husband three years ago. She thought she would get pregnant soon. I did not expect that two or three years later, her stomach was still not moved.Ms. Qian said that she has always had irregular menstruation, and she was very afraid of heat. She was easy to sweat at night and did not have a good temper.

Ms. Qian had previously checked, showing the polycystic ovary syndrome, and herrogens were high and blood sugar was high.The doctor believes that Ms. Qian is in line with the kidney yin deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine, so she suggested that it combines Chinese and Western medicine to condition her body.

After 3 months, Ms. Qian found that her insomnia was improved, and menstruation was normal.Not only that, her inspection indicators have returned to normal.I believe that good news will be heard soon.

Yes, women can also have kidney deficiency!Yin deficiency is still yang deficiency, look at these three points to look at the face

Yin deficiency patients have a red face, darker lips, red tongue color, less tongue coating, like frowning, irritable expression without patience, easy to get angry.

Patients with yang deficiency are white, lip color is lighter, tongue is smooth, tongue coating is white, does not like to speak, expression is frustrated, and her face is sluggish.Look at the body

Most of the patients with yin deficiency are relatively thin, afraid of heat, like to blow air conditioners, eat cold drinks, are not resistant to heat. When sleeping at night and neck, they are easy to sweat.

Most of the patients with yang deficiency are fat, afraid of cold, cannot be separated from the thermal insulation cup, and it is not easy to heat up with hands and feet.Yang deficiency constitution can also have back pain, and often worsen after the hair dryer is cold.

Look at the excrement

Yin deficiency patients have less urination, heavy taste, and less defecation. Sometimes they are pulled once every three or four days. The stool is stinky.There are many patients with yang deficiency, and it is easy to get up at night at night. The number of defecations is more. It pulls two or three times a day, and the feces are relatively sparse.

Nourishing kidney "three -character sutra", both men and women are applicable


Entering the human body not only nourish the lungs, but also some qi will enter the kidney, strengthen kidney qi, and enhance essence.The lungs are nourished, and the heart and kidney intersect can maintain balance.The essence of breathing is to absorb healthy gas, so tobacco, oil, and exhaust gas should be kept away. You can practice deep breathing in the natural environment, slowly and deeply, and absorb the gas into the human body.

—— sleep sufficient

The kidney is afraid of tiredness, and it must reduce its burden. You cannot stay up late at night.Summer is delayed to sleep by one hour compared to other seasons, and getting up early to get up early to ensure that the total time to sleep is unchanged.This is to conform to the laws of seasonal changes.

—— protection waist

The waist care is the kidney protection. Do not expose the life gate acupoint and Shenshu acupoint on the waist.The family environment is relatively humid. You should often open the windows and ventilate, and move the bedding outdoors to dry it outdoors.You can rub your waist and eyes when you are okay, which helps the kidney health.

–Drink more water

Kidney is unhealthy and has a great relationship with drinking water.Some people don’t like to drink water, they are really thirsty, so their urine is always very yellow.The kidneys repeatedly filtering metabolic waste, which can be easily damaged.

In addition, it is emphasized here that boiled water, not a variety of sweet bubble drinks. The sugar is not conducive to the absorption of the human body, and it will also cause kidney burden. In the long run, it may lead to kidney disease.Ordinary people drink 2 liters of water per day without impact on the kidneys. After drinking, urine is discharged in time. Don’t take urination.

When you find that you have increased nighturia, do n’t put your own kidney deficiency labels first. It may be simply drinking too much water, which has nothing to do with the kidneys.Then we must improve the lifestyle and condition the body.

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