Is there a menstruation after pregnancy?Don’t believe it really happens, 5 "bleeding" during pregnancy!

Most of the pregnant mothers know that the body of the pregnant mother has begun to change from the moment of pregnancy, and menstruation will stop naturally. However, there are always things that do not understand and it is unclear. Will menstruation really come during pregnancy?

The cousin was very happy, but I just tested that she had been pregnant a few days after she was pregnant.But the cousin wondered, what was going on with the bleeding?Didn’t you say that there will be menstruation after pregnancy?This is to talk about the six cases of "bleeding" during pregnancy, some are all right, and some endanger the fetus.

Some pregnant mothers will continue to maintain "monthly things" in the early days of pregnancy, and they are nervous every time, but the results of each examination are normal.In fact, the so -called menstrual period can only be regarded as vaginal bleeding. It is an implanted bleeding that occurs after the fertilized eggs. It is also a normal physiological reaction. It has no effect on the baby and mother.Pain, so when you encounter such a thing in the early pregnancy, you must first stabilize your mind.

Because of the different physical fitness, some pregnant mothers have bleed their lower body due to the lack of progesterone after pregnancy. Compared with the moon, the amount of bleeding will be small, and the color will be lighter.In this case, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to rest, and obey the moderate advice to supplement progesterone to ensure the healthy development of the baby.

Because the position of the fertilized eggs is different, there may be a certain distance that the embryo may lying the uterine wall, so that the blood clot will appear on the outer side of the pills wrapped in the fetal baby, causing the vaginal bleeding of pregnant mothers. This situation has little impact on the baby’s baby, Pregnant mothers can rest more, lying quietly to ensure the normal development of the baby.

The bleeding of the above three cases is very small on the baby. As long as the pregnant mother pays attention to rest, there is no hidden danger to supplement nutrition.But the two kinds of bleeding are mentioned below, and pregnant mothers should pay more attention. These bleeding means that the baby is released by the baby.

In March of pregnancy, the placenta will gradually be formed. If the placenta position is relatively advanced at this time, the prefix of the placenta will be bleed. Once the contraction is frequent during pregnancy, it will cause bleeding.In this case, pregnant mothers must pay attention to rest and observe the amount of bleeding. If the amount of bleeding is large, go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid serious consequences.

This situation is what pregnant mothers are most worried about the least to see, because this situation means that the baby baby is damaged and greatly endangers the health of the baby’s baby.There are also abortion, because the abdomen of the pregnant mother is caused by external force compression. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to the safety of living during pregnancy to avoid accidents.

Have you ever seen "menstruation" during pregnancy?Do you have symptoms of bleeding during pregnancy?I hope that every baby can be healthy, and every embryo can come out of the month.

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