Is there a safe abortion in the end?Compared with artificial abortion, which one is more painful?

Xiao Huang found that he was pregnant. Although he had been married for a few years, he was recently in the critical period of career development. He thought he was young and could consider children in a few years.

So she went to the hospital for treatment. The doctor suggested surgery or abortion. She chose a drug abortion because she was afraid of the pain of surgery.After the doctor repeatedly explained the method and precautions of the drug, he emphasized that he had to go to the hospital to observe after taking the medicine. This made Xiaohuang, who was busy with work, but he followed the doctor’s order for safety.

So, what should the drug flow be done and why do you have to go to the hospital to observe it? Director Ouyang answered you.

About drug abortion

Divine abortion, also known as the drug flow, refers to the use of rice non -ketone tablets and macolytic alcohol drugs to terminate early pregnancy.In recent years, it has been widely used in clinical practice. It can achieve the effect of artificial abortion without surgery in early pregnancy.

Principles: The drug flow is suitable for pregnancy within 49 days, which is to reduce the vitality of progesterone in the body after using the drug, which causes abortion. Then the uterus has a strong shrinkage of the uterus, forcing the pregnancy tissue to discharge the body.

For people:

1. Without menopause within the 49th, it is determined to be in the palace pregnancy. Healthy women who are under 40 years old and voluntarily ask for pregnancy.

2. No history of chronic diseases or allergic asthma.

3. Women who have not received glucocorticoid therapy in the past three months.

General process:

1. Strictly screen before medication, including asking for medical history, conducting systematic physical examinations and gynecological examinations, and laboratory examinations, such as urinary pregnancy tests, vaginal cleanliness, trichomonas and mold, blood routine and blood type, and B -ultrasound.

2. Doctors explain in detail the method of taking the medicine, the efficacy of the drug, and the possible side effects. The patient can use the medicine after understanding and signing.Drug abortion requires two types of drugs. First of all, oral rice non -olone, a total of 6 tablets, two tablets every 12 hours, three oral orally, and fasting before and after oral administration. The role of this drug is to suppress the development of the embryo. First, firstLet the embryo stop developing in the uterus;

Then take oral meol alcohol, orally Mu Simyl) After 6 to 8 hours, oral meterol is orally, and 3 tablets at a time. This drug mainly causes a strong shrinkage of the uterus. In the process of uterine contraction, it is accompanied by pain.Generally, the gestational sac will be discharged within 6 hours.

Drug flow advantage:

1. Avoid the pain of surgical abortion and some complications, to achieve the effect of artificial abortion;

2. It is convenient to apply, easy to take medicine, and do not have a curettage surgery. The pain is relatively small, and the effect is basically reliable;

3. In particular, healthy women who are not suitable for abortion are not suitable for surgical methods, especially with scar uterus and lactating pregnancy.

Drug flow hazards:

1. There may be miscarriage failure. This is why doctors need to go to the hospital for observation after the drug flow requires the patient’s drug flow, that is, the fetal sac is discharged after 8 days of medication.The hospital performs clearance surgery;

2. Excessive blood loss, life -threatening life, especially severe bleeding. If you do not clear the palace in time and transfusion, you may endanger life;

3. During the medication, drug side effects such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.

Director Ouyang reminds you: To take oral melolitol in the hospital, because the gestational sac is discharged bleeding, for its own safety, it is necessary to carry out under the guidance of a doctor.

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