Is this normal?More related to this factor, it deserves attention

Many pregnant women have symptoms of weight loss in the late pregnancy, and they often cause pregnant women to worry very much without understanding the cause.Fear that the body is not absorbed well, causing weight loss, which is not good for the health of the fetus.So, what is going on with the decline in weight in the third trimester?

Is weight loss normally during the third trimester?

It is not uncommon to lose weight in the third trimester, which may be related to the pregnancy reaction of pregnant women.Because some women are very sick, they often nausea and vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and loss of appetite.Although these symptoms do not need to be treated, the continuous vomiting of a small number of women can cause abnormal hormones in the body. They will always be unable to eat, and they will spit out anything. Therefore, pregnant women will decline.

With the development of the fetus, more nutrition needs to be absorbed from the mother.If the duration of pregnancy reaction lasts for a long time, it will bring adverse effects to the body of the pregnant woman. Severe pregnancy vomiting symptoms will cause pregnant women to not get enough nutrition.The fetus must obtain nutrients from the mother, so that the mother’s weight decreases and the resistance weakens.Therefore, the decline in weight loss in the third trimester needs to be paid attention to.

What should I do if the pregnancy reaction is serious?

After pregnancy, I feel nauseous to vomit, and basically it is pregnancy.It is recommended that more acidic foods improve, which can have the effect of relieving vomiting.Common lemon, hawthorn, and feelings such as fruits contain more acidic substances, which can effectively appetite and stop vomiting, and have a relief effect on the pregnancy reaction of pregnant women.When you want to vomit, you can take hawthorn slices.

In addition, if you often feel vomiting after pregnancy, you can eat foods that are easy to digest, which will not cause flatulence, because many pregnant women have appetizing symptoms or even nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy reactions. Therefore, nutrition needs to be considered when eating food.At the same time, it is easy to digest.Pregnant women do not need to be taboo, and they can eat more food to improve appetite.In addition, sweet potatoes, noodles, biscuits, steamed buns, sweet potatoes, rice porridge, bread, etc. are very suitable for pregnant women to eat, can protect the stomach, improve the appetite, supplement energy, and easily digest.

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