Is this true?Can pregnant women eat goose eggs?

The human body itself must metabolize to eliminate toxins, and the metabolism of pregnant women is slower than ordinary people. It feels that pregnant women still need to clear the same thing-fetal poison.

In fact, there is no "fetal poison" in terms of medicine, but if pregnant women eat big fish and meat during pregnancy, eat too much pregnant women’s milk powder, and eat too much spicy and fried food, it will increase the heat in the bodyIt is likely to be passed to the fetus, which causes baby eczema.So what should we remedy when we encounter this kind of prospective mothers who will happen?

What is fetal poison?

Fetal poisoning is a tradition of folk. It is mainly divided into wet poison and heat poison, which is accumulated by mothers during pregnancy.The fetal poison said from Chinese medicine is internal heat.Mainly manifested as neonatal sores, ringworm, acne rash, etc., which can induce these diseases to be related to the mother’s internal heat."Cleaning poison" is more popular in the south. The older generation believes that the climate and water quality of the south belong to the heat and very hot and humid.Therefore, pregnant women should do fetal poisoning work before childbirth, otherwise the baby will easily have sores and rashes after birth.

During the pregnancy of pregnant women, the big fish and big meat eat a lot of supplements, eat too much pregnant women’s milk powder, and eat too much spicy and fried food, which will increase the heat in the body, which is likely to be passed to the fetus.

How to get fetal poison?

Fetal poisoning can lead to high jaundice, eczema, constipation, etc. For fetal poison, mother should pay attention to balanced with diet during pregnancy, eat less spicy and greasy food; maintain adequate sleep and good metabolism, do not take "clearance poison"drug.

1. Pay attention to the reasonable combination of diet during pregnancy.Especially in the third trimester, it is the fastest period of development of the baby. It is recommended to eat more vegetables, drink plenty of water, and keep the stool unobstructed in the later stages of pregnancy.

2. If the mother is allergic, it is recommended to go to the abnormal response department of the large hospital (skin allergies) in detail to screen the allergic source or listen to experts to give some suggestions to prevent the baby from obtaining this allergy source from breast milk.

3. Pay attention to the laws of life, combine work and rest, and rest proper rest can ensure the balance of the body and improve immunity.

4. Do not use medicine for "clearance poisoning". Some tire cleansing poisonous prescriptions, Guiling paste or herbal tea are not suitable for pregnant mothers to drink, and there are hidden dangers blindly.

5. Ensure sufficient sleep and good metabolism.

Fetal poison is the older generation. If you want to go to baby fetal poison, remember not to take Chinese medicine for your baby.It is believed that commonly used tires of poisoning traditional Chinese medicine include licorice, Coptis chinensis, cinnabar, beef, light powder, etc.This is not desirable because these traditional Chinese medicines are not good for the health of the baby.

For example, Huanglian is bitter, with coldness, which can damage the baby’s stomach function and affect digestion and absorption; cinnabar contains mercury and sulfur, which has a certain toxicity to the baby; beef and yellow are gallbladder for herbivores.Taste; light powder is mercury powder (mercury), which is toxic.

Can pregnant women go to fetal poison?

There are the saying of "goose eggs to poison", and many elderly people have told that they want to eat more goose eggs.Mom netizen said, "If goose eggs can really go to fetal poison, if it is effective, it is to swallow it to my poison.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for "pregnant women to eat goose eggs for fetal poison." This statement does not have the effect of removing wet poison. On the contrary, pregnant women goose eggs too much, and protein will increase.Gout will also increase the burden on the kidneys.

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