Is your fetal dream accurate?The baby dream shared by netizens is too accurate, I hope to bring you good pregnancy

Fetal dream refers to the birth of a baby, a dream related to pregnancy.Ignore whether it is ancient or modern, domestic or foreign, and attach great importance to the dream of fetal dreams.Have you had a dream of fetal?mom?Dreaming of snakes or fish or flowers?Let’s take a look at the sharing of netizens first, and hope to bring you good pregnancy.

The first child was not pregnant for a long time for a long time. On the day, her husband dreamed that the dead mother -in -law had been called a sleeping boy. The boy couldn’t get up, and the mother -in -law left.Later, a aunt took a little girl to sit next to her husband and called her husband to take the child.I believe this kind of dream, especially the late people or gods.I firmly believe that I am pregnant with my daughter.Now that she is more than two years old, it is that daughter, and now her dad takes her out to go out on the street playground!

Two babies did not dream of once!When I had Dabao, my sister dreamed of it. At noon, she dreamed of a lizard in my belly!I woke up and told me that after a few days, the test strip was true, and my aunt also dreamed!I dreamed of Erbao, and said that she saw a big fish head in the direction of her in -laws!They are all girls, hahahahaha.

I dreamed that a little red dot turned around my stomach and ran into my stomach. Remember to be particularly clear on the left, and then my husband said that you are pregnant and don’t run around.I told my mother when I woke up, my mother didn’t believe it, there were five days before my aunt!Later, I really had it, girls!The second child dreamed of saving a big black fish weighing from the well, waiting for the lottery, hoping to make good words

Dreaming the day before yesterday, dreaming of holding two little boys.Because the twins are twins, my mother said that dreams are reversed.As a result, I went to see it today, and the doctor said it was two girls.Although I like girls very much, after telling her husband, he said that boys and girls are the same, but I know he must still want a dragon and phoenix as I hope.But now I just hope that the two babies are healthy and healthy.

Have you had a baby dream?Is your fetal dream accurate?Welcome to share a message.

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