Isn’t it pregnant, but endometrial cancer?The 23 -year -old girl collapsed instantly after seeing the results of the inspection

In daily life, most people talk about "cancer" color changes, as if they have proclaimed the death of patients once they have caused cancer.

Indeed, most cancer is very harmful to patients. It will not only allow patients to withstand physical torture, but also cause huge mental stress. It disintegrates the patient’s willpower and allows the patient to be tortured by double torture.Essence

For women, the incidence of cancer may be higher.Among the five major cancers in the world, three of them are cancer in gynecology, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer.Each cancer has a huge harm to women’s physical and mental health.In addition to these cancers, women with high incidence of gynecological cancers also include endometrial cancer.

Many friends may not be familiar with endometrial cancer. It is also one of the three major malignant tumors in gynecological reproductive tract, which is mostly in postmenopausal women.However, because the symptoms of endometrial cancer are similar to the pregnancy reaction, some women may think they are pregnant at the beginning of their suffering, and then delay the condition.

For example, in the case below, Xiaojuan, 23, thought that she was pregnant. I did not expect that she was found to be endometrial cancer.What is going on?Let’s take a look together!

Xiaojuan, 23 years old, is an ordinary workshop worker.Sometimes work at night, sleep during the day and rest; sometimes work during the day and normal at night.

Since graduating from high school, Xiaojuan has come out early to work early. It didn’t take long for a blind date to marry the villagers in the village next door through a blind date.However, the two have been together for two years, but Xiaojuan has never showed signs of birth.However, because of love, Xiaojuan and her lover have not performed related examinations until the hospital.

Recently, Xiaojuan found that her holiday had not come for a few months, so she thought she was going to be pregnant.After telling her lover about this good news, the two were also very happy and hurried to the nearby hospital for examination.Unexpectedly, the test results showed that Xiaojuan was not pregnant at all, but endometrial cancer!

For this result, Xiaojuan is naturally unacceptable, well, how can she suddenly suffer from endometrial cancer?As a result, the doctor at the hospital gave further examination for Xiaojuan, and found that Xiaojuan not only suffered from endometrial cancer, but also had infertility.

Later, the doctor explained that Xiaojuan’s endometrium cancer and infertility have a close relationship. It is likely that infertility caused endometrial cancer!

When he heard these words, Xiaojuan couldn’t help it anymore, and cried on the table on the side, tears rolled down from his cheeks, and wet Xiaojuan’s clothes.And Xiaojuan’s lover was also swaying, thinking: How can infertility cause cancer?

In fact, not only Xiaojuan’s lover, many friends can wondering here, how can infertility lead to endometrial cancer?Medical perspective, infertility is indeed one of the high -risk factors suffering from endometrial cancer.Studies have shown that women with infertility have a risk of endometrial cancer 1.7 times higher than normal women.

In the type of infertility, one of the factors are infertility caused by abnormal ovulation.For women in the age -age period, if ovulation disorders have been presented for a long time, progesterone in the body will be reduced, endometrium may be stimulated by estrogen, which may induce endometrium cancer.

So, when you see here, some friends will ask, what are the symptoms of endometrial cancer?

1. Irregular vaginal bleeding

About 90%of endometrial patients may experience symptoms of irregular vaginal bleeding after suffering from endometrial cancer.However, due to the different levels of condition, the physical differences of personal constitution, each patient’s performance will be different.

For patients after menopause, slurry or blood secretions may occur.For women in the childbearing age, they may be manifested as the increased menstrual flow, extension of menstruation or endless menstruation.The main reason is that the cancer cells in the patient’s body are in the process of continuous proliferation and division, causing the original normal endometrium cell necrosis and falling off, which causes persistent bleeding.

2. Extraction of uterus

Generally speaking, early endometrium patients do not have the phenomenon of uterine bigger.However, if the patient is not treated in time, or the tumor in the body is well controlled, the cancer cells will continue to be split and proliferate, and the volume of the tumor will increase or infiltrate.The influence can even cause tumor -like changes, which causes the uterus to swell.

Therefore, once female friends find that their uterus has increased abnormally, they should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time to avoid deterioration and endanger their health.

3. Abdominal pain

For women, abdominal pain may be more common. For example, during menstruation, abdominal pain caused by dysmenorrhea.However, if it is frequent abdominal pain, it should be paid attention, which may be caused by tumors.

If the lesion of endometrial cancer invades the inner mouth of the patient’s cervix, it may cause uterine blood accumulation or pus. Once stimulated to the uterus, it may cause abdominal pain due to contraction.

In addition, once uterine endometrial cancer develops to late stage, its cancer tissue may penetrate the uterus through infiltration, or infiltrate and compress to the pot wall tissue nerves, which will also cause sustainable pain and harm patients’ health.If surgery can be adopted, surgical treatment can be treated with other treatment methods for treatment.So, how should we prevent endometrial cancer in daily life?

As one of the three major malignant tumors in gynecology, endometrial cancer is extremely harmful to women’s health.So, for female friends, how should we prevent endometrial cancer in daily life?

First of all, female friends should eat a balanced diet to avoid obesity.In fact, many common cancers are closely related to people’s eating habits, and endometrial cancer is naturally no exception.Therefore, female friends can properly eat some fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, etc., which are rich in vitamins and carotene, which is conducive to enhancing immunity.

At the same time, it is necessary to avoid eating some high -fat and high -sugar foods to avoid excessive accumulation of fat and obesity problems.When the human body is in an obese state for a long time, a large amount of fat in its body may stimulate the gonad to secrete excessive estrogen and cause persistent stimulation to the endometrial epithelial cells. Over time, it may induce evil.

Secondly, female friends have to strengthen their exercise.We all know that cells may change or increase excessively at all times in the human body, and the immune system can recognize these abnormal cells in time and properly processed, so it can kill cancer changes in the cradle.

Proper physical exercise, such as running, skipping rope, swimming, etc., can improve autoimmunity, make the immune system better operate, and reduce the risk of cancer.

In addition, female friends should conduct regular medical examinations.With the acceleration of the pace of life, many people have different degrees of disease.Some people may look red -faced. In fact, there are some micro lesions in the body. If it is not treated in time, it may continue to deteriorate.According to the survey of the Health Organization, about 3/1 of all cancers can be screened by medical examinations, including some common gynecological cancers.

The same is true for endometrial cancer.Female friends can conduct tumor marks in professional hospitals, especially CA125 examinations, and can also perform B -ultrasound, segmented diagnosis scraping, tissue pathological examination, etc., to clarify the health status and avoid the possibility of the development of the disease.Essence

Endometrial cancer is a common kind of cancer in gynecology. Patients may have menstrual extension at the beginning of the patient.Many female friends with childbearing age may mistakenly think that it is caused by pregnancy. In fact, it has a lot to do with endometrial cancer.

Therefore, when female friends have abnormal menstrual conditions, they should go to the hospital for examination in time.


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