It is called "crab", but isn’t it actually a real crab?

I believe many people have heard or have eaten emperor crabs. The emperor crab is a huge -sized and delicious seafood. It is known as the king of crabs in many places.But do you know?The emperor crab is actually not a real "crab".

Its origin is mainly in the waters near the Arctic Circle, including Alaska, Canada, Russia and other places.The appearance of the emperor crabs is huge, adult male crabs can reach more than 10 kilograms, and the length of the crab feet can reach 1 meter. According to reports, the world’s largest emperor crab weighs 25 pounds (about 11.3 kg), the leg exhibition can reach 5Fate (about 1.5 meters).This huge emperor crab is mainly living in the Arctic waters. It is huge and delicious, so the price is expensive.

Why is the emperor crab not a real crab?

Although the emperor crab is called "crab", it does not actually belong to the real crab.Emperor crab is a kind of crustacean, which belongs to Lithodidae under the gill feet, which is different from crab in classification.The emperor crab does not belong to the family crab family. It is actually the "relative" of the crab.If you look closely, you will find that the body shape of the emperor crab is actually different from the crab.Their bodies are obviously flat -shaped. Except for opening pliers, only 3 pairs of feet are exposed, and a pair of degraded feet, which are closed on the lower abdomen. In contrast, the crab body is round, with 4 pairs of feet.The first two pairs of feet are usually pliers, for grasping and defense.

Secondly, the ecological habits of Emperor Crab are also different from crabs.They live in cold sea areas, usually living at the bottom of the deep sea or in marine deposits.The emperor crab is carnivore, mainly eating small fish, shellfish and starfish.In contrast, crabs live in shallow sea and rivers, with seaweed, small vertebrates and humus.

Therefore, although emperor crabs are called "crabs" in biological classification, they are largely different from real crabs in terms of shape, ecology, and reproduction.

Although the emperor crab is not a crab, this does not prevent it from becoming a high -end seafood market on people’s dining tables, and is widely welcomed by diners.

Why is the emperor crab so expensive?

Due to the long growth cycle of the emperor crab, the low reproduction rate, and the difficulty of fishing, special fishing equipment is required.And their habitats are limited to cold waters, and fishing activities in cold waters are a very dangerous thing. Every year, people on fishing boats that catch emperor crabs are frostbite or even lost their lives due to the cold underwater environment. These hardshipsConditions increase the cost of king crab fishing and production.But at the same time, because of its delicious meat, delicate taste, and rich nutrition, it is considered one of the most delicious seafood in the world.The preciousness and deliciousness of the emperor crab make it a darling in the high -end seafood market, so the price is more expensive and is usually regarded as luxury goods.

Due to the difficulty of fishing and few natural enemies, the reproduction of the emperor crabs in the Arctic was flooded. Excessive reproduction has begun to adversely affect the local marine ecology. Therefore, there is now a saying that every eaten emperor crab is protecting the earth.Friends who are interested in trying to try, may wish to try it.

At present, the emperor crabs that can be purchased on the market are mainly divided into cooked frozen, fresh and fresh. The price is the most expensive. The seafood markets of coastal cities are generally 250-300 yuan a pound. A king crab usually 4-Start at 5 pounds.The price of cooked frozen is cheaper. 300-400 yuan can be purchased on the network channel, but one party advises all diners that the cooked emperor crabs should be purchased cautiously on the Internet.The cheap reef crab is pretending to be the emperor crab, so when you buy it, you must show your eyes.And in terms of taste and taste, the frozen emperor crabs still have a lot of gaps compared to the fresh emperor crabs. It is recommended that friends with conditions can buy fresh emperor crabs.You can find a regular seafood merchant to buy fresh or dynamic emperor crabs. It is less different from the fresh emperor crab taste, and it is also a choice of way.

Well, this is the introduction of today. Remember to pay attention to the "food side" and explore the world of more food together!See you next time ~

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