It is normal for pregnant mothers to eat acid, but these two sour foods should be eaten less, which can easily affect fetal development

After a woman is pregnant, she seems to have changed her person.For more than two decades, the food that I like to eat became the most hate for myself overnight, and what I didn’t even want to see before was the favorite at this time.

Do you feel like this?This strange taste after pregnancy also makes the pregnant mothers feel crying and laughing. At this moment, I feel that I want to eat some sour. The more sour, the better.There was no taste in my mouth, and I wanted to eat some sweetness.

There are such legends in the folk "sour girls", so the taste of pregnant mothers is unique, and often the mother -in -law’s best proof is to explore the baby’s nature in the stomach.They often inquire about daughter -in -law who like to eat sour, or do they like to eat sweetness or spicy mouth?If you watch a vinegar in the meals he made, you will make the daughter -in -law eat with taste. The mother -in -law must be secretly happy. The big grandson is proper in this belly.

Although this statement is widely circulated in the people, I believe that young couples will not believe this.Regardless of whether you love sour or spicy, in general, it is described as a pregnant woman’s taste of food during pregnancy.And it is certain that eating more sour food has great benefits for adults and children.

After pregnancy, their diet is very bad. Because of the influence of physical hormones, they are constantly appearing nausea and vomiting, and gastrointestinal ability and digestive ability have weakened a lot.I do n’t want to eat every day, and I will be nauseous when I see greasy things. Increased nutritional absorption will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

At this time, a little sour food can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and help the digestion of the food. You can try the sweet and sour things. Do you have a lot of enhanced your appetite?

In the second trimester, the nerve development of babies has been completed, and bones have begun to form at this time.At this stage, mothers eat more acidic foods to allow bones to grow quickly and promote calcium absorption.

For example, the sweet and sour vitamin C can improve the resistance of the human body, and it also helps the absorption of iron. This can also make the hematopoietic function more rich. ThereforeIt has great benefits.

Although it is said that acidic substances are very good for pregnant women, but everything must be a degree, and they ca n’t eat all those sour foods. In this regard, you should pay attention to some taboos.

For example, the red hawthorn, although it is sweet and sour, and usually eats more appetite, but the ingredients of hawthorn also have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. If pregnant women eat too much, it will stimulate the uterus to cause contractions.It may cause abortion.So during pregnancy, hawthorn should not eat more, especially at the early pregnancy.

In addition, there are some pickled sauerkrauts. Although sour is also very delicious, during the process of pickling this sauerkraut, the ingredients of nitrite are very high, and the vitamins and proteins and sugar are already already.All of them are lost, and there are almost no nutritional elements. Ordinary people eat it a little bit. If pregnant women eat, it is extremely unfavorable to the body and baby.

Pregnancy is a very important moment in a woman’s life, so everyone must pay attention to diet. Do not affect the growth and development of the baby because of their greed.

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