It is normal to increase the secretion after pregnancy, but if these situations occur, be careful

Yesterday, I was chatting with my moms in the group. Suddenly, a pregnant mother came out ashamed. I came here: Xiaobian, I am 6 months pregnant. I have been a little uncomfortable recently. Can you add your WeChat private chat?Of course!Hurry up and add WeChat, and then see the news she sent:

Since I was pregnant, I have always had a lot of secretions below. Recently, I have a little itchy and yellowish leucorrhea. I want to ask you what happened?Do you want to use medicine?Will the medication be bad for the baby?Ask for answers.

Looking at the pregnant mother’s anxious look, I remembered that she had encountered this when she was pregnant.To be honest, this "difficulty" of pregnant mothers is not a minority.According to statistics, as long as there are women who live in sex, one person has suffered from vaginitis.Although there is no such proportion during pregnancy, it is quite common.

And the most important thing is that once the pregnant mother has vaginitis, in addition to being "difficult to settle", it is more worried that they will also worry about it.Break and wait.Therefore, it is imminent to solve the "unspeakable hidden" of vaginitis.

-1 -How to judge whether the secretion is normal after pregnancy?If you just increase the amount of secretions, the color traits are normal, such as milky white or colorless transparency, and there is no smell, don’t worry.

Because after pregnancy, changes in our body hormone levels will cause blood flow in the vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts, and increase tissue moisture, so the secretions will increase significantly compared to before pregnancy.Moreover, the closer to the due date, the more you quantity!Only when the secretions have changed: for example, it is very sticky, flavorful, and color, and it needs to be paid attention to. It may really suffer from vaginitis.

Generally speaking, vaginitis is divided into three types in clinical: mildew vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, and trichomonas vaginitis. Each symptom is different. Specific mothers can distinguish them in the following methods to distinguishEssence

● Bacterial vaginitis According to statistics from the National Institute of Health, about 1/5 of pregnant women will experience bacterial vaginitis, and 10%to 50%of women have no symptoms.This requires pregnant mothers to understand their physical condition.Because this bacteria may enter the uterine cavity along the cervix, causing the amniotic cavity inflammation, causing the fetus to infection, which will induce uterine contraction and form premature birth.In the early premature cases, 50%were related to infection.

The main manifestations are: there are many leucorrhea, the fishy smell, and the batter is thick. Most of them are gray or gray -green, and may also be accompanied by symptoms such as vulvar itching.

● Moomal vaginitis is the most common vaginitis during pregnancy, especially 2-3 months before pregnancy. It is mainly caused by white Candida.Moreover, although this infection will cause discomfort to mothers, it will not affect the fetus.At this point, mothers can relax.Its typical symptoms are the itching of the vulva. If you are in severe cases, you may have pain and pain.The leucorrhea is thick and thick, with yellow, tofu residue or cream.

● Trichomonas vaginitis is relatively rare during pregnancy. It is mainly caused by vaginal fur. It is a parasitic disease that transmits through sexual intercourse.And it may cause the birth of the fetal membrane early, premature birth, and low body.The main manifestations are: water -like bubble secretions, different degrees of itching and a few burning sensations.

The disease of vaginitis is not big, and it is not small.Therefore, many pregnant mothers are unwilling to treat when they can tolerate, mainly because they are afraid of affecting the baby.In fact, it is just the opposite. If it is not treated, it will really affect the baby!During the early stages of pregnancy, vaginitis may lead to abortion, and there are risks such as premature membrane and uterine infection in the middle and late pregnancy.Therefore, when you encounter vaginitis during pregnancy, treat it as soon as possible, do not delay.

-2 -How can I care correctly with vaginitis?First of all, it is necessary to talk about the problem of medication.Generally speaking, it is recommended to use metronidazole, clinithromycin; mold vaginitis, and pyromolezole preparations, mimanzole preparations, etc.Of course, because of the special period of pregnancy, drug treatment is recommended under the guidance of regular doctors.In addition, the care of vaginitis is also very important. Below is a small TIPS that Xiaobian helped you, you must pay attention to it.

① Do not use female cleaning solution. This must be put in the first one, because the major publicity of major advertisers has caused many pregnant mothers to use cleaning solution to clean it.In fact, the use of cleaning solution will destroy the normal environment of the vagina.Rinse with warm water is the best choice.It should be noted that when cleaning, it is best to rinse with flowing water to avoid cross -infection in the vagina and anus.

② Do not leave a message before washing with salt water and say, "If you have a bit itchy during pregnancy, can you use salt water to wash your farts to reduce inflammation? Sprinkle a lot of salt."This is not recommended. If the concentration of saline is high, it may cause stimulation to the skin, which is not only not conducive to inflammation, but also the possibility of aggravation.

③ You can use sanitary pads if there are many secretions in pregnant mothers, you can use sanitary pads. Remember to replace them diligently. Do not use the inner cotton strip.

④ Pay attention to personal hygiene, it is recommended to penetrate pure cotton panties, wash and dry them frequently, and use special pots and towels to clean the vulva every day.

⑤ Try not to do the same room in the same room itself will bring external bacteria and pathogens, and the same room during vaginitis may lead to repeated inflammation and extend the treatment time.Coupled with the special period of pregnancy, I can bear it.

⑥ The partner also needs to cooperate with the treatment that the husband can cooperate with the treatment when the physical contact cannot be completely avoided.Because, it is possible that your germs are transmitted by the other half.Therefore, both the husband and wife can take medicine together, and the time of medication can be kept synchronized. How long does the wife take, and how long will the husband take it.

In general, vaginitis is not a major illness, just like a cold and fever, pregnant mothers need to worry too much.As long as you take medicine on time under the guidance of a doctor, and you have to strengthen your care at the same time, you can heal.For the sudden increase of secretions, as long as there are no other abnormalities, you don’t have to worry about it. Pay attention to personal hygiene; but if the color is not right, the odor is abnormal, and it is accompanied by the discomfort of the vulva, you must attract attention.If necessary, go to the hospital for treatment. At least, please be at least.

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