It is said that smoking and drinking will affect fertility. How can you know how you know?It’s time for men to protect your fertility

For men who prepare for pregnancy, sperm quality affects their fertility, so men who enter pregnancy will pay special attention to improving fertility through various measures.However, many men still smoke and drink during pregnancy. They think that the impact is not great, but in fact, smoking and drinking can also cause male infertility.

1. The effect of drinking on fertility ability

Long -term alcoholism will cause men’s sperm quality to decline, and alcohol accumulation will form toxins in the body. These toxins will reduce the level ofrogen levels and will also cause testicular toxins.As soon as the testicular atrophy, the decline in semen quality will also affect the number and quality of sperm.Some studies have found that once the testicles are injured, it will take more than three months to return to the state before it is not invaded by toxins.

2. The effect of smoking on fertility ability

Tobacco contains a large number of harmful substances such as nicotine, tar and other, which will affect the sperm after entering the body, leading to a decrease in the number and quality of sperm, especially nicotine.Nicotine can reduce sperm activity, which causes the normal growth and development of sperm to be hindered. Even if it is successful in successful, the chance of embryo problems is relatively high.

It can be seen that smoking and drinking can cause men’s sperm quality to decline, which will affect fertility, and time will lead to infertility.

1. Avoid contact with harmful substances

Various harmful substances, such as chemical drugs, paint, pesticides, etc., will cause damage to reproductive functions. For long -term use of these or men’s reproductive functions in this environment, it will gradually decrease.Therefore, once you enter the pregnancy, you must try to avoid contact with these harmful substances as much as possible.

2. Avoid high temperature

Relatively speaking, the temperature of the scrotum will be 1 ~ 2 ℃ lower than the body temperature. When the temperature around the scrotum is too high, the quality and quantity of sperm production will decrease. The normal reproductive function of the long testicles will cause the fertility ability to decrease.EssenceTherefore, try to avoid high temperatures, such as soaking in hot springs, bathing hot baths, sedentary for a long time.

3. Pay attention to diet

The ingredients contained in some foods will kill sperm, such as glycol in cottonseed oil, and long -term intake will cause sperm to be unable to produce and survive normally, which will cause weak sperm or sperm -free and affect fertility.Therefore, eat less foods containing sterilization substances, and you can eat foods that improve sperm quality, such as oysters, oysters, leeks, etc.

4. Less contact with ionization radiation

Various ionizing radiation can damage the spermatogenic function of the testicular, such as X -ray.In recent years, it has been discovered that these battery radiation will affect the raw sperm function of men, because these rays have armal effects, causing the testicular can not normally produce sperm, and it will also increase the probability of sperm deformity, which will affect male fertility.Therefore, during pregnancy, less contact with radiation, especially various inspections should be cautious.

5. Keep warmth measures

When the cold invading the body will cause abnormal endocrine function and the disorders ofrogen secretion, cause sperm production problems, which will cause problems such as decreased sperm quality and decrease in sperm.Therefore, it is necessary to add clothing according to temperature and keep warm.

Warm reminder, men must know that many behaviors will affect their own numerology, so they must be vigilant and take measures to effectively prevent them in order to improve their fertility and successfully conceive women during pregnancy.

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