It is very hard to get pregnant, and I am tiring to work. Why do many people still insist on going to work when they are pregnant?

Everyone knows that pregnancy is very hard. In the early stages of pregnancy, the mothers have no love and the big belly in the third trimester of pregnancy.Choose to go to work?

I believe that many people will say: For money, who has money at home, who wants to suffer this crime.Indeed, the urban life is under great pressure. Maybe the family may seriously affect the quality of family life because of less income.In addition, the child is a "swallowing beast". From the day of conceived, spending money at an unimportant speed.But does my mother go to work, is it really the benefit of getting the corresponding money income?

1. Reduce family conflict, no need to consider, there is no income, it depends on the face

Now the entire society is advocating women’s economic independence. If there is no source of economic sources, spending money needs to reach out to the family, so that the pregnant mother’s own psychological pressure, on the other hand, may also be due to the influence of some traditional concepts in the family, which causes the mother to use money to use money.You need to look at your family’s face, so this may cause family conflict.In addition, because the mother does not go to work, it will do less things at home, which will make the elderly at home feel that pregnant mothers are arrogant, lazy, and so on.

Therefore, from this perspective, it is good to adhere to work during pregnancy to get economic and respected and distressed.Of course, work also requires force to do it. If you are unwell, you should rest.

2. Emotional fluctuations during pregnancy, it is easy to think about it. If you are idle at home, you will be more depressed

Because of the impact of hormones, pregnant mothers are easy to think about after pregnancy, especially when they love some bad things.If you don’t go to work, you will have a lot of time at home, and your mood will be even more depressed.Therefore, for a better mood, many pregnant mothers choose to go to work during pregnancy.When I work at work, I am busy at work. Some colleagues can chat and have experience in communicating with people, which is much better than a parent.The point is that if you are busy, you have no time to think about it, but your mood will be much more cheerful.

3. If you don’t go to work during pregnancy, you will be easy to mobilize, and it is not good for yourself and the fetus.

Many young people living in the city now have not been out of work except at work. We have also seen some pregnant mothers. They basically do not go out except for the hospital’s production inspection.Look at the drama at home, chat in the group, go to bed when you have nothing to do, and eat and drink when you wake up.In this way, I do n’t exercise much, and it is not good for my own health and fetal development.Some pregnant mothers have been eating at home during pregnancy, and they gain weight by 50 or 60 pounds during pregnancy. The body will be uncomfortable and easy to get sick. The baby will be too big during production and will be very guilty.

Therefore, from the perspective of health, it is very good to go to work after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is just an experience in life. At a stage of physical condition, she is not sick and needs to be treated correctly.Moms need to choose a good life and work status without blindly following the trend or impulse to make some inappropriate decisions.

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