It itchy and painful behind the neck. It turned out to be a neurodermatitis, telling you how to treat it

Urgent diagnosis, the aunt in his 70s, aunt, and his son came together.

I asked: Auntie, why are you uncomfortable?,,

The aunt said: Itchy and painful behind the neck, what’s going on?

After investigation, I found that the skin of my aunt’s neck was dark, thick and rough, and was accompanied by many macro pus (pus) and scratches and blood.


I asked my aunt: How did you deal with it before?

The aunt said: Soak it with vinegar, scald it with hot water, wipe the iodine, and apply toothpaste.

Then I asked: Have you caught it?

When the aunt heard it, he said excitedly: Grasp, why don’t you catch it? "Sometimes it ’s rotten, and it does n’t itch.

I smiled and said: Auntie, your above treatment method is just wrong [shy], you have the bacterial folliculitis of neurodermatitis.

The aunt said helplessly: No way, the child is busy, I don’t know the words, and I can’t come to the hospital myself, so I have to use some soil methods.

I said: Auntie, you are here this time, let me talk to you how to care for the skin.

1. The skin of the elderly is aging, and it is easy to get dry skin and itching. It should usually rub the moisturizing cream.

The bathing time should not be too long. It can be about 10 minutes. It is not easy to warm the water temperature. It is about 38-40 degrees. You cannot use soap, soap and other alkaline baths.

2. Do not scratch it violently. There are many bacteria on the surface of the skin. Scratching makes the skin barrier more serious. Local bacteria stimulate the skin more itchy through the damaged skin.

On the other hand, it can cause skin infection, such as folliculitis, and if the bacterial infection is severe, it will spread down and formation.

3. Periodic examination of regular medical examinations. Many systemic diseases such as high blood sugar, liver function, and renal damage can also cause itching.

After explaining these precautions with my aunt,

Alery was prescribed to anti -allergic antipruritic itching for auntie. Bai Duo Bangbang treats local folliculitis twice a day, and bran acid Mimone Song treats dermatitis once a day.

I hope that more people will see this article and know where daily skin care should pay attention to.There are elderly people at home, and you can remind the elderly.

To protect our skin, it will not get sick.

What is itchy and painful?

Neuroditis is making strange.

Top vinegar baked toothpaste,

They are all wrong soil methods.

Elderly skin has aging,

Nursing needs new methods.

There are questions in the skin,

Leave the words in the comment area.

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