It turned out that when I was pregnant, the fetus and feet had grown. Have you felt it?

Generally speaking, after four months of pregnancy, the mother’s belly will gradually start to show their arms. At this time, wearing loose clothes, the belly is not obvious. After six months, the belly will be particularly obvious.So, which month of the fetus grows fastest during pregnancy?In fact, the fetus is developing rapidly throughout pregnancy, but at some time, the fetal development will make a significant breakthrough. Let’s take a look at the growth and development of the fetus at these special time.

8 weeks of pregnancy embryo formation

In the first month of pregnancy, the pregnant mother had little feeling. The germ will develop into embryos in 8 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the embryo is also divided into physical and tails, and hands, feet, eyes, ears, etc. have grown.From 5 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, most organs of the fetus began to form and differentiate, and this period was also known as the period of organ formation of the fetus.At this time, the most important thing is the development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to supplement folic acid.In addition, the body of pregnant mothers also changes, such as pregnancy vomiting and "secondary development" of breasts.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to replacing the right underwear to avoid compression of the chest.

Fetal movement appears at 20 weeks of pregnancy

At about 20 weeks of pregnancy, the sensory nerve and motor nerves of the fetus have begun to develop, and muscle will also have mild movement, so fetal movements will begin.At this time, the fetal fetal movement was still very weak, and the pregnant mother sometimes felt like her intestine was perfection.In addition, the fetal fetal movement is not active enough, and the pregnant mother does not feel the fetal movement every day.In addition, the fetus’s body is about 23 to 25 cm and weighs 250 to 300 grams. The liver began to have hematopoietic function, and his hair and nails gradually grew.

28 weeks of pregnancy visual, auditory development

The most important thing for 28 weeks of pregnancy is the visual and hearing development of the fetus.As the fetal brain sensation gradually developed, the fetus’s eyes became sensitive to the light and darkness of the light, and his hearing has just begun to develop.During this period, the height and weight of the fetus have also made great progress. The length of about 35 to 38 cm is about 1000 grams. The amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus will increase, so the stomach of the pregnant mother seems to increase a lot.

The fetus is close to maturity at 32 weeks of pregnancy

By 32 weeks of pregnancy, fetal development is close to maturity, and he can survive after leaving the mother.The muscle strength of the fetus is also much stronger than the original, so the fetal movement will become more and more frequent.During the birth checkup, he can see the brain of the fetal brain, and his conscious activities have germinated.In addition, about 32 weeks of pregnancy is also the fastest growing weight of the fetus, and the weekly weight growth will exceed 200 grams per week.

The development of the fetus from a small fertilized egg is a magical process. Do pregnant mothers feel the same?

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