It turns out that bitter gourd is sweet!Can eating bitter gourd really lower blood sugar?Don’t be deceived anymore

What to eat to make up, food is good, many people are willing to believe.

Bitter gourd does not know when it will become a "anti -sugar star".

Bitter gourd is named after bitter taste. However, in the late summer and early autumn, the taste of bitter gourd will show a bit of sweetness, and the color of emerald is yellow or red.

“It turned out that bitter gourd was sweet”, and I went to hot search a few days ago.

What?Cooked bitter gourd is sweet, and the nutritional value is higher?What we have always eaten is unfamiliar bitter gourd?

Cooked bitter gourd is sweet?

Some people think that buying red bitter gourd is the winning prize. The bitter gourd is not bitter, but it becomes sweet and delicious!Some people think that bitter gourd is not bitter, and the color becomes glamorous will be disadvantaged to health and avoid it.

In fact, bitter gourd and redness are basically the result of natural growth due to seasonal meteorological reasons.

The carbohydrate contained in bitter gourd is nearly 5%of the starch. The starch material will gradually be hydrolyzed with the increase of bitter gourd during the growth time and the strengthening of light, and then converted into sugar to make the bitter gourd sweet.

The bitter gourd from green to red is because the lycopene contained in the bitter gourd seeds and crickets becomes red. The bitter gourd seeds sowed by farmers are obtained from this kind of cooked bitter gourd seeds.

There are also some bitter gourds because of changes in soil nutrients, which causes bitter gourd to "decline before they grow old", and they become sweet and discolored without growing up.

Such bitter gourd can still be eaten, but the bitter gourd is old and can be eaten soup, but the nutritional value has changed.

Why eat green and unprecedented bitter gourd?

From the perspective of the nutritional content of bitter gourd, the protein and carbohydrates in bitter gourds are high among melon vegetables, especially the content of vitamin C and potassium, which are 56mg/100g and 256mg/100g, which are higher than cucumber and vegetable melon.There are several times with winter melon.

Some of the nutritional ingredients of several melon vegetables

Editor Yang Yuexin, the sixth edition of "Chinese Food ingredients"

However, if it is cooked, many nutrients in bitter gourd will be consumed by self -consuming during the process of mature to redness, and reserve the growth of seeds for the maturity of the seeds.

Therefore, the nutritional components in the edible part of the bitter gourds that become sweet and red will decrease, and the nutritional value will be reduced compared to the green ones. Therefore, the bitter gourd that does not become sweet and red becomes older will be more nutritious.

Can bitter gourd lower blood sugar?

Bitter gourd has been regarded as dual -use food in the people for a long time. The efficacy of bitter gourd can be said to be long and many. In addition, the popularity of bitter gourd contains "plant insulin" in recent years, and bitter gourd can reduce blood sugar.In one.

Bitter melon was initially promoted that there was a blood sugar reduction effect. It may be based on animal experiments in recent years that the bitter gourd has indeed existence of bitter gourd saponin, bitter gourd polysaccharide, peptide, alkaloids and other ingredients.

These ingredients are indeed confirmed that they can reduce the blood sugar levels of animals through various ways such as anti -free radicals, giving play to the role of insulin -like insulin, stimulating islet β cells to secrete insulin, and affect glucose metabolic enzymes.

However, this type of ingredients with potential blood glucose effect must be lifted from the bitter gourd, purified to a certain amount, and the effect is effective through oral pills or subcutaneous injection.

It can be seen that it is not advisable to rely on bitter gourd to reduce sugar.

However, the blood glucose generation index (GI value) of bitter gourd is very low, only 24. Bitter gourd can completely become a high -quality control blood sugar food on the sugar friend table.

Therefore, eating a small amount of bitter gourd in the summer and autumn also has many benefits.

What should I pay attention to when eating bitter gourd?

Although bitter gourd can be matched with any ingredients, it will not be called "gentleman" dishes with bitterness to affect other ingredients.

However, because the oxalic acid content in bitter gourd is high, and oxalic acid is easy to form complexity with the essential nutrient calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals, which hinders its absorption.-30 seconds).

In addition, eating a lot of bitter gourd at one time, or a few consecutive bitter gourds, will affect gastrointestinal digestive function, especially children, pregnant women, and elderly elderly people.

Therefore, although bitter gourd is good, pay attention to the frequency of eating, let alone be used as a medicine for hypoglycemic or cure.

Experts in this article: Mi Lize, Chief Physician of Nutrition, former Deputy Director of the Institute of Slow Prevention and Health Management at the Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

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