It turns out that during pregnancy, the facial features of pregnant mothers have also changed. Among them, these 4 changes are the most obvious

In October, the baby is comfortable and comfortable for the baby, but in order to achieve this effect, our body’s body has experienced a large transformation from the inside to the outside.The taller belly than the sky has two times the previous hand and feet, which is also manifested on the facial features of the pregnant mother, and the change here is the most amazing fun. Let’s take a look at it together.

1. cornea edema

During pregnancy, a large amount of lutein that will secrete the pregnant mother’s body, and the microcirculation system in the body often has an imbalanced electrolyte. In this case, the eyes of our pregnant mother are prone to corneal edema.The cornea’s protection function and the sensitivity of the eyes itself will decrease.

Therefore, pregnant mothers during pregnancy will always have symptoms such as increased myopia or dry eyes and astringent eyes. This is normal. It will return to the original state after giving birth.

2. Vascular relaxation rhinitis

The pregnant mothers after pregnancy have caused a superfluous reaction of the nasal mucosa due to a large amount of estrogen secreted in the body. Therefore, pregnant mothers are likely to have "pregnancy rhinitis", and runny nose or sneezing have always appeared, although this although thisThe situation will not affect the growth and development of the baby, but it will bring a lot of distress to our pregnant mothers.

In general, if it is not very serious, doctors will not treat them. If the condition is really serious, the doctor may open a 1%ephedrine nasal drop to relieve the discomfort of pregnant mothers.

3. Weaken or tinnitus often

After pregnancy, our pregnant mothers may think that the hearing of heating is our own illusion, but this is not the case.The large amount of estrogen secreted by our pregnant mothers will change the osmotic pressure in the body, causing water sodium retention in the ears, causing weakening or regular tinnitus.

4. Loose teeth or pain

Many pregnant mothers find that even brushing a teeth after pregnancy is a terrible thing, because a large amount of secretion of estrogen during pregnancy will cause the gums to be congested, so that the bleeding phenomenon will occur gently as soon as it brushes.

The protection of the gums on the teeth weakens, so the pregnant mother’s teeth often occur, such as dental caries, so pregnant mothers need to pay special attention to avoid oral infections.It may have an impact on the birth of the baby’s baby.

Speaking of this, our pregnant mothers are really not easy. I hope that pregnant mothers will have to pay for their wishes.

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