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Insufficient progesterone during pregnancy, good injections are good or oral (hormone plants 18 question)

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What is progesterone?

Also known as lutein, tire needle, presence, conservation elegance, progesterone, progesterone, anechetic, anecdosone, anecdone, Angan.

Maginal ketone is exclusive to women, secreted by ovarian progesterone, also known as progesterone. It is a natural progesterone.

The ovarian is affected by LH, secreting progesterone, maintaining a thickened endometrium, in order to facilitate the fertilized eggs to bed.Essence

What is the effect of progesterone?

Insufficient progesterone will not only affect the fertilization between essential eggs, but also affect the fertilized egg bed, and even cause danger of "early abortion". It can be said that progesterone plays an extremely important role during women’s entire pregnancy.

Its role is mainly:

Endometrial: Lutein mainly promotes the secretion of endometrium and prepares for fertilized eggs.

After implantation of fertilized eggs, the placenta is produced, and the excitement of the pregnancy uterus is reduced, the activity is suppressed, and the fetus is safe.

Votules: Lutein promotes the endocrine changes of fallopian tube mucosa, which is related to the nutritional nutrition required by the fertilized eggs in the uterus in the uterus.

Breast: lutein promotes the development of breast lobular and breast bubbles.However, only lutein does not cause milk to secrete milk, and a large amount of prolactin has milk.

Stop sperm and inhibit eggs: Close the cervix mouth, reduce mucus thickening, and sperm is not easy to penetrate; in large doses of the negative feedback effect on the hypothalamus, inhibit the secretion of pituitary gonad hormones, and produce an ovulation effect.

Extractional body temperature: It has a mild increase in body temperature, so that the luteal base temperature of the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle is higher.

What is the normal progesterone?

Lallonone is low

What are the causes of low progesterone?

There are many reasons for progesterone, and endocrine dysfunction is one of the most common causes.Another common reason is that the endocrine of the luteal is abnormal, and there will be low progesterone in the development of follicle development.

Under what circumstances should you supplement progesterone?

Magnomone is a very important hormone in women, which mainly promotes and maintains uterine changes in the early stages of pregnancy. For habitual abortion, threatened abortion, irregular menstruation, etc., this hormone can be used.

Insufficient luteal of women with ovulation: Gives stimulating ovulation, such as: chlorophenol to promote the development of foaming.

Women with ovulation and lack of luteal: Natural progesterone needs to be supplemented. After ovulation or expected to supplement progesterone daily from 12 to 14 before the next menstruation.Generally doctors recommend injection or oral progesterone.

What should I pay attention to when taking progesterone?

A small number of women will have symptoms such as dizziness, headache, nausea, depression, breast pain.If it is taken for a long time, it may cause endometrial atrophy, reduce menstrual flow, and prone to vaginal mold infection; patients with liver disease cannot be taken orally.

Is there any side effects of edible progesterone?

Cannoga is a prescription drug. As a hormone drug, progesterone has certain side effects.

Without itching, dark spots, melasma, obstructive vermiculite, and abnormal liver function.

Will menstruation delay when taking progesterone?

During the injection or taking progesterone, menstruation will be delayed. The endometrium not only will not peel off, but also thickened further, so menstruation will not come during this period.Normally.

When to check the progesterone during pregnancy?What should I do if Iolianone is low?

Check the progesterone 3-7 days after ovulation;

Largeon is low, and medication should be used after ovulation. After pregnancy, you can check the pineone without problems, and you can gradually reduce the medicine.

However, it is best not to use progesterone before pregnancy. After all, it is hormone; you can try Chinese medicine or food supplement. Black bean glutinous rice porridge can also improve luteal, but the effect is definitely not as obvious as the drug.

How to supplement progesterone?

There are two dosage forms of oral and injection of progesterone, which are prescribed drugs and need to be used under the guidance of a doctor.

What is the difference between luteum oral medication and injection?

Different drug structures are different, but they are drugs that supplement progesterone. The injection is not much different from oral drugs. However, it is relatively fast to absorb when muscle injection and the effect is faster.

The luteum oral medication is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, but it will be quickly metabolized and lost in the liver. Therefore, oral medication often changes the progesterone structure.

It is recommended to use injection administration. Muscle injection is absorbed faster and the effect is faster.

Which foods are conducive to supplementing progesterone?

Foods rich in natural soybean extensions and natural vitamins, such as black beans, soybeans, etc., you can also eat some fruits and fruits such as peaches, strawberries, grapefruit, hawthorn, duck pear, kiwi and other fruits and vegetables with rich dietary fiber.

Pregnant women

How to treat maternal luteum?

Pregnant women are low, and doctors generally prescribe drugs supplementing progesterone or supplementing progesterone needles for pregnant women.

For injections, most people can be cured in more than 10 days.

Taking medicine (usually progesterone tablets), according to the recovery of the pregnant woman itself, doctors will make long -term observation and suggestions, don’t worry too much.

How do pregnant women check their progesterone?

Checking that progesterone is in the early stages of pregnancy, usually checking around 1 month of pregnancy and passing blood test.

Why is progesterone abortion?

Low progesterone, mainly affecting tires.Because once the ejaculation is combined, the luteal in the ovaries will begin to secrete a hormone, which is progesterone, which can help the fetus grow.However, if the progesterone is low, the fetus will develop slowly or infertile, which will easily cause miscarriage.

What should I do if progesterone is too low?

When a general pregnant woman, when the progesterone value is at a certain level, the doctor will take the initiative to help you protect your fetus, but if your progesterone value is less than 25 and there is no fetal heart, then you can basically give up the fetus.Most of this situation is caused by poor embryonic development. If there is still a fetal heart beating, you can continue to protect the fetus. The chance of success is quite high.

Is progesterone low food feasible?

Under normal circumstances, if pregnant women have low progesterone, it is difficult to supplement progesterone by simple dietary therapy, so it is not recommended to use dietary therapy to adjust the progesterone value.Please find a doctor directly to solve the problem by taking medicine or injections.

Why is the amenorrhea normal after production?

After pregnancy, the placenta forms, and the placental hormone secretes the progesterone level in the pregnant woman to 100-200ng/ml, which is dozens of times to hundreds of times that of unhappy women.

After childbirth, the placenta is delivered, and the postpartum women lose the placenta’s hormone source, and the progesterone level and estrogen level in the body will suddenly decrease, resulting in normal amenorrhea of women who have a physiological physiology during lactating women.

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