It’s really tangled, unexpected pregnancy+so many drugs!

Prosecution: I am about six weeks of pregnancy. I want this child, but I performed knee arthroscopy half a year ago. I took different types of drugs for about two months before pregnancy.About two months of two months, stop eating), and have a sterile inflammation on the knee (eaten 5.16-5.28 for 12 days), and Guanyin Shu capsule 5.26-6.8, as well as topical paste stickers: fluoropybi bimicin: fluorbyThe Paifen Gel Patch Pattipure 6.7-6.18, the simple herpes of the corner of the mouth is recurred with topical antiviral drugs 6.10-6.18. I ate the same room in the same room in the same room 6.8-6.14.I did n’t eat anymore, but now I am really pregnant. From the perspective of eugenics, I am worried that I have taken so many medicines before. The quality of the eggs is not good.What diseases or the like, the type of birth can not come out. Although I did not take medicine after the same room, I was still worried, because the early medicine was too long in the early stage of pregnancy, and I took tetracycline in the early pregnancy.Paste the cream on the knee. The name of the medicine is Flibilifen Gas Gel Cream. I did not plan to have a child before. At the end of May, I also performed a minimally invasive surgery of the underarm odor and useful hemp medicine.I do n’t know if it will be related. I have the last menstrual period from 5-27 to 6-1 6-15.

Question: If I do n’t do the flow of people, I actually have a lot of pressure in my heart. I hope you give some suggestions, thank you!

Answer: This is a typical problem of accidental pregnancy but worrying about the impact of drugs on the fetus. From a psychological perspective, it is completely in line with common sense, but analyzing this problem should still be from a professional perspective.1. The high-sensitivity period during pregnancy is 21-35 days after exactly after conception. Note that it refers to the impact day. From your explanation, it can be seen that it is about 6.15 days, and the next 21-35 days should be unusable for medication.Therefore, the impact on the fetus should not be considered great.2. As for the impact on eggs, the medication does have an impact, but it is not a few days before pregnancy, but the previous three months, that is, a cycle of the mature egg, whether it is ammonia sugar, non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs (Xilezheng, Flibillifen), topical antiviral ointment, and Guanyin Shu capsules are cautious species (not forbidden). The impact is unknown, and there is no clinical consensus.3. The impact on eggs and the current impact on the fetus, in fact, your health is greater than the effect of drugs. How will your physical condition be good during this time?The influence of breasts on the fetus is very important, and this point is very important.

In summary, no matter from a ethical perspective, or from the perspective of pharmacological, it is not recommended that you have the idea of being abortion, unless the actual conditions are not suitable!What you need to do at present are: 1. Relax thought, don’t think about it.2. Make regular check -ups, eliminate the possibility of abnormal tires throughout pregnancy.3. Scientifically and healthy fetal preservation during pregnancy.

What a sacred thing for this child to have a fate with you, how sacred a mother is, I wish you good luck!

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