Japanese guys play women’s clothing to trick more than 10 men!After being arrested, it was found that pregnancy was produced in prison?

As the saying goes, the scammers have different inheritance every year.

In fact, my country has already had a book "Du Deceptive New Book" since the Ming Dynasty.It collected a scam with 83 real events, reminding the people to beware of being fooled.

Nowadays, we no longer need to write a book to list the scams, because scamming pattern renewal and update iteration is too fast. I am afraid that the book has not been edited well, and the new scam has raised the rivers and lakes.

But having said that, most of the scammers and deceived in the world only surrounded eight words, "cheating money, cheating, greedy money and greed."Although the tricks are different, the central ideas are never moving.For example, what we want to say today happened in Japan.

In 2013, there were many incidents of stealing money after sleeping in Japan.According to the memory of the victim, Mr. A, when he came out of Huibishou Station, he found a young woman. After talking, the woman took the initiative to propose to go to the izakaya to drink.

Mr. A talked with this Aiko who claimed to be a voice actor. After the three tour, the two decided to go to the hotel together to continue to understand.On the way, Aiko gave Mr. A a bottle of functional drink for him to drink. After arriving at the hotel, Mr. A suddenly felt very sleepy and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning, Aiko was gone, and valuables such as Mr. A’s cash and watches also disappeared together.

Also encountered in the body of Mr. B and Mr. C. They all met a girl who claimed to be a voice actor named Aiko. When they wanted to have a further relationship, they were fainted and sleeping, and they disappeared when they woke up.

According to the information provided by the three victims of A, B, and C, the police quickly locked the suspect.A video of a suspect was announced in early 2014.

The monitoring women’s black shawl hair and leopard pattern, about 155cm tall, between 26 and 30 years old.

When the police made Aiko’s video disclosure, the police received more than 10 cases of the same victims, and the deceived amount was as high as 2.75 million.They are all voice actors named Aiko. They steal their property with the same ways with sleeping pills.

On July 7, 2014, the police finally captured Aiko.On that day, Aiko was receiving a state subsidy in government agencies.However, when the police announced the photos he was arrested, everyone was stunned.

The young woman Aizi was a man with a flat head.

His real name is not called Aiko, but is called Shen Qingxiang.In daily life, he always lives as a male.

However, the case of Shenxiangxiang is far more complicated than the men we saw on the surface.

This also starts with the childhood childhood.

In 1984, Kyoko Kiyagaki was born in Nanyong Po County, Nagasaki. He is a cute little girl.You read it right. She was indeed a girl when she was born, and she also had a brother.When I was a kid, my family was wealthy, and my father was running a golf goods store.

However, the good times did not last long, because the father’s poor operation, which led to the loss of the store and had to apply for bankruptcy.After bankruptcy, his father was in a slump, and he was stained with gambling. He lost money and went home to take them out.

Originally, the virtuous and gentle mother had to work hard for her livelihood and work with overloading. The mother who dragged her tired body every day often became thunderous to her and her brother.

In the 4th grade of elementary school, in order to escape the "disaster" of the family, Shen Qingxiang often asked himself, "Will you be more brave and stronger if you are a boy? You don’t have to be afraid of your parents’ scolding."

At that time, she had thought of gender conversion.

It didn’t take long for the first grade of high school. If you do n’t like to learn and have huge economic pressure at home, Shen Qingxiang dropped out of school and started working.

Even so, she failed to escape the harm of her native family.Her father punch and kicked her.

The fragrant fragrance living in fear not only suffers from domestic violence, but also the physical and mental distress from her own, because she doesn’t know whether she should be girls or boys.

Under such painful tears, Shen Qingxiang, who was under 20 years old, committed suicide more than 10 times.

After an adult, Shen Qingxiang finally moved out of his parents’ home by his own independence.

She strives to make money just to realize her dream of being a man.In 2010, the 26 -year -old Shen Qingxiang successfully took off the breasts and officially began a life as a male.

He even reached his girlfriend.

In order to win his girlfriend’s heart, Shen Qingxiang was willing to spend money for his girlfriend. He had no money, but often transferred his girlfriend, and even transferred 1 million yen in 5 times.

And you should know that at that time, Shen Qingxiang was still a severe depression patient. Every night, the hospital was needed to fall asleep, and he did not have the ability to work. He could only rely on national minimum guarantee.

When Qian was stretched, he moved his head and "transformed" into women again to seduce those men who were moody.

Although the evidence of Shen Qingxiang’s crime is conclusive, when in court, he said that he didn’t remember anything, and even talked to the judge with the voice of a child.

After several trials, the judge discovered that it turned out that there were multiple personality disorders with fragrance.

Most of the multiple personality is related to the shadow of childhood. It is a common symptom of trauma survivors, manifested as a person with two or more independent personality status on one person.

Each personality of multiple personality is a complete and independent living habits and memory.It can be different gender, age, race and even species.

There are 4 kinds of personality in the scent of Shenxiangxiang, the first is the man god い っき, the second is female love son, and the third is children げ ん き.The fourth is men’s 男.

Although the doctor had identified Shen Qingxiang indeed suffering from multiple personality disorders, the judge judged that Shen Qingxiang had a behavioral responsibility when he turned into a crime, so he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The most dramatic thing is that after being arrested, Shen Qingxiang was found to be pregnant for half a year. Because he has been using male hormone medicine, it is normal to have no menstruation, and his belly is not obvious.Signs of pregnancy.

For pregnancy, Shen Qingxiang was also aggressive, because he didn’t remember which man he had had a relationship with, but he decided to give birth to the child.

In December 2014, Shen Qingxiang gave birth to a baby in prison.After 5 days of getting along with the child, the child was sent to a national welfare agency.Shen Qingxiang continued to serve in prison.

Seeing that in a few years, Shen Qingxiang was about to be released from prison. I don’t know if he would go to the welfare home to see his poor child at that time.In this world, there may be another person as unfortunate as him.

This may be the old saying of the psychologist Adler, a happy person was healed by childhood, and unfortunately healed his childhood with his life.

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