John Mercy: My wife becomes ugly after pregnancy, and I am mood to see her. What should I do?

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My wife became ugly after pregnancy, and I was mood to see her. What should I do?

Oh my god, when I saw this problem, I felt the gaze of women in my heart.

Have you ever experienced this experience?

Worried that the meat on the stomach was seen by the object, so when buying clothes, it will cover it desperately;

When you have acne on your face, go out for dinner. If you do n’t make makeup, you always feel that Su Yan is like a naked out;

When I was the fattest time, I had 130 pounds. When the other half stared at me, would I think, do he think I am fat?

That kind of unconfident is a shadow.

As long as you have seen it in the eyes of men, you have seen it once to ensure that you never forget.

The man who raised the question, he said that he met his current wife in the winter of 16 years. At that time, although the girls were not beautiful, they were not ugly, full of figure, and their personality depended on him.The two are together.

In the middle of 18 years, the boys lost more than 100,000 because of P2P mines. The girl gave him more than 100,000 to him and asked him to pay the down payment to buy a house. The boy was grateful and married her.

After the marriage, the girl was pregnant, and the man felt that the nightmare came.

He couldn’t figure it out. Why did the girl’s face become a big cake face and acne. Why did I not find such an ugly person?

Now girls have acne, but their faces are still very big, they feel thinner, and their skin is relaxed.

The man said that when you see her every day, you have no motivation. I regret it every day and feel that a good card of life is so blind.

It’s so scum.

It’s easy to make my wife beautiful.

Return the money for you to buy you a house, just give her plastic surgery.

I have a friend. Before and after giving birth, there was really no change in figure (no surrogacy, born by myself).

When having a baby, she lives in a expensive confinement center, and she is not going to give birth. It is a month before birth. After that, they provide her with a scientific catering, so she is in the process of pregnancy.In fact, I do n’t get much fat, they are nutritious for children.

After she was born, she immediately went to the postpartum recovery center. The fitness class and the medical aesthetic project of the beauty salon, the two tubes were all approached.

Their family invited two aunts, one was responsible for cleaning up the family and cooking, and the other was responsible for taking the baby. The child did not sleep with her at night, so she would have a beauty every day.

She is very easy to go to work and ask for leave anytime, anywhere, because her husband makes money, she just mixes on state -owned enterprises, and she feels happy every day.

I went to her house for dinner last time, and the nanny was cooking, and she was playing the king.

All the money in the family did not need to pay a penny. All the money she made by herself was spent on herself.

So you see, the beauty is as beautiful as spending money. You may not be able to make money to support your family, but ask your wife to be beautiful?

Baoyu said: "The girl is not married, it is a priceless orb; when you marry, I do n’t know how to change a lot of bad problems. Although it is a bead, there is no glorious treasure color.It’s not a bead, it’s a fish’s eyes. "

Is Baoyu talking about age?

In fact, it has nothing to do with what you look like, which has something to do with what you meet.

The meat on my stomach has been appreciated by the other half. He said, so cute;

The acne on my face was also distressed.

I am still me, there is nothing to change, but in some people’s eyes, it is beautiful, and it is ugly in the eyes of some people.

What you have to do is not to go plastic surgery, but to meet the right person.

The media once took a photo of Ge You’s wife He Cong, wearing pajamas, and from time to time.

Seeing the lively person, he questioned Ge You: Why did he find a wife like an aunt and not divorced?

What outsiders do not know is that Ge You is silent and unknown, running a dragon suit, and from time to time, he has to rely on his parents to help him.

At that time, Ge You had nothing, and He Cong was willing to be with him.

In order to take care of Ge You, she resigned from the work of her art teacher and became Ge You’s "personal assistant".

He Cong also has no sense of security. He will be afraid that Ge You will be good with other women after he is famous. Once you know that Ge You has filmed a heat -up or kissing scene, he must be crying endlessly, noisy.

But Ge You stated that he would not change.

He went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, washing and cooking at home. He tried not to pick up the kiss scene.

When asked, when he was asked, "Have you thought about changing a wife?" He seriously said:

"The economic foundation at that time was particularly bad, and no one described anyone. I often had no money until the end of the month, and we came over.

Did you meet better than her later?there must be.But when we were unknown, we worked together with Gan, and we couldn’t do what the remarriage."

How can I meet a man like Ge You?

After Wang Sicong’s affairs were thrown out today, my favorite said: You see, even Wang Sicong is so rich, he must kneel on a woman, and even Wu Yifan knows how to coax women.

Some men are not very good, and they are particularly proud in front of women. Such men must not have.

Teacher Luo Xiang once said that there is a standard for litting your eyes to choose people. Don’t just look at his attitude towards you and your parents, because he pursues you, and will definitely show his good side.

You depend on his attitude towards the weak.

A good man is not just a treasure for you, he has sympathy for the weak in the world.

People who will not abandon you when he is developed or when you are down, must be sympathetic to others.

So, if you find that the other half of you is a charming person, you must be prepared.

You two can only be willing to work together, or you can only suffer, and you cannot be willing.

What is Mei Shangmian?

The leader kneels and licks, but people who treat some classes lower than him, such as waiters or cleaners, use a contempt attitude. Even when treating cats and dogs that are weaker than him, there is no sympathy at all.

Such people must stay away early.

There is a hot search topic on Weibo, which is particularly interesting.

When will you suddenly be "lower" to your boyfriend?Meaning, I suddenly feel that I don’t love him anymore.

The male and female lived in the 11th floor and took a takeaway at noon.

The takeaway came downstairs and suddenly called the elevator. Ask, can you go downstairs?Or is it okay to take a few layers alone?Do you want to?

The girl said, in fact, I am willing to go. After all, climbing up to the 11th floor, it is really high, but my boyfriend firmly said that he can’t get used to the takeaway and resolutely.Don’t want this takeaway.

She said, I was inexplicable.

In fact, if you and the takeaway say, if he wants to come up, he will come up, and people just discuss with you, but my boyfriend has the feeling of spending a penny to treat him as God’s confession.

Boyfriends often have such selfish behaviors, and they can’t understand others at all. Do you have to do such a bad thing? Do I leave such a person?

My answer is, of course, to leave.

First, you can see that he does not understand communication; second, you can see that he does not consider the feelings of others at all.

How can a person who is not used to considering the feelings of others get used to your feelings?

Some netizens responded sincerely:

"Love is easy to change. The character is a more lasting thing. If you imagine, what would he do to you when you have contradictions and can’t even go down? (No curse, but any pair in the relationship in the relationshipYou may come to this step) "" ""

One day, like the scumbag that we said at the beginning, he had no patience and found that his wife was a dead fish eye.

So sisters, you must be confident and be yourself.

If you are not liked, sometimes the relationship with you is not great, depending on who you have encountered.

If you don’t want to touch the wrong person, remember, find someone who is very good and respect for everyone.

Source of this article: Public account @ 本 本 本 本, author Liu Yuanyuan.

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