Jubilee said health: alleviate the five great tricks of stomach pain in pregnant women

After pregnancy, due to the increased secretion of multiple hormones, the sphincter tension in the lower paragraph of the esophagus decreases, and the pressure in the stomach will increase, and the pregnant woman will have stomach pain.Let me introduce what should do with stomach pain in pregnant women.

The stomach pain in pregnant women is related to the changes in hormone in her body, but if you eat the wrong thing or eat too much, which causes indigestion, it requires the rapid adjustment of themselves. The following is some relief of the stomach pain in pregnant women.method.

1 Relax of the abdomen

Pregnant women have stomach pain, and they can wear their clothes loosely to reduce pressure on the abdomen.

2 hot compresses

Cold is a major cause of stomach pain. Usually, cold or cold foods will have stomach pain. In this case, you can drink hot water or heat compress, and you can see a better effect.

3 Relax and change your sleeping position

First of all, do not stomach pain in pregnant women. When the pain is unbearable, taking a half -sitting position can reduce the pain.

4 Take medicine to reduce dietary amount

Frequent stomach pain in the evening can be asked for doctors to open some anti -acid agents. Taking it before going to bed. It is also necessary to pay attention to reducing the diet of pregnant women, especially foods with high sugar content.

5 Traditional Chinese Medicine Conditioning

If the symptoms of stomach pain are more serious, you can take Chinese medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Bai Zhi licorice soup is a classic Chinese medicine for relieving pain and relieving pain.


If the stomach pain is particularly serious and the duration is relatively long, you need to seek medical treatment in time. You need to eat a small amount in your diet. Pay attention to replenishing moisture. You must also avoid washing and too greasy foods, such as pepper, curry, ginger, garlic, garlic.wait.If it is food poisoning, it is accompanied by vomiting or even not eating or water, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

Stomach pain during pregnancy can be relieved by eating some foods, because some foods have the effect of nourishing the stomach, and the following are some foods that alleviate the stomach pain of pregnant women.

1 peanut rice

Peanut rice has the effect of nourishing the stomach, which is very suitable for pregnant women. It is also good for the baby’s development in moderation. It should be noted that pregnant women try not to eat fried flowers.Peanut rice, red dates are boiled into porridge, or peanut rice stewed trotters are good.

2 porridge

Like millet porridge, corn porridge, yam white rice porridge, etc. are all good for prepaid. Preparation should also be light for pregnant women to eat porridge. Do not add high calories and high -nutrition ingredients.

3 milk

If it is caused by gastric pain, you can drink some hot milk, because milk is alkaline, but pay attention to the right amount, just drink a drink a day. It is not recommended to drink milk on an empty stomach or drink ice milk.

4 soup

Like spinach fan soup, egg soup, etc., do not drink too much broth. When boiling soup, you must pay attention not to put salt too much.


What I want to remind everyone here is that the stomach pain of pregnant women cannot be used casually, otherwise it will affect the fetus. It is best to eat hot food. Do not eat cold foods.Can’t eat, avoid aggravating the burden on the stomach.

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