Jujube met in the heart of a female ghost, followed the female ghost to find a child, and then took the child back to raising

A long time ago, there was a family living in Shandong.The husband picked up the burden to the temple street to sell jujube every morning. He returned dark at night.However, the two had a good relationship. The wife was carefully calculated, and she was good at handling housework.The only regret is that he has been married for many years and has no children under his knees. Compared with the usual three -family home, it has always been a lot of joy.

One night, jujube vendors came back.As usual, his wife had been burned with rice wine, burned the side dishes and waited for him.The wine and vegetables entered the belly, and the fatigue of a day went down.At this time, he heard his wife snoring.

It turned out that when his wife took stock of the copper coins that day, he found that a few banknotes were sandwiched inside.This kind of banknotes are used with copper coins made of yellow paper, which are used for memorial victims.

After reading it, her husband also felt strange that no matter how careless he was during the day, it was impossible to misunderstand the banknotes as copper.

The wife said a little scared and said, "You shouldn’t you meet a ghost, you all say that ghosts are fascinated, and you will be observed."

When jujube vendors sold jujube the next day, they had an extra heart, and they paid attention when collecting money.There was no abnormality in the past day, but when the inspection was invested that night, it was strange that he found that he received a banknote.

The young couple were a little scared.

The wife said: "You are entangled by ghosts. We are worse than one thing. From tomorrow, you will change a place to sell jujube."

The jujube vendor frowned and said, "No, I have been selling jujube on Miaoju for many years. Once I change the place, I am afraid that those cooked customers will not find me.Jujube can only be counted as unlucky. "

The wife was sighing when she saw her husband, knowing that he was distressed those red dates who were deceived.The husband did not know where to learn a remedy, saying that when a woman was inaccurate because she was inaccurate, she had to take more soups of ginseng fried.He has been greedy for the early days to save her buyers for a little more silver.

"When I was in the collection today, I met a fortune teller. He calculated me. He said that there was a son in our lives." The wife hit a pot of foot washing water and helped the husband take off the shoes and socks.It was found that he was full of calluses, and he said with some distress: "Don’t buy any ginseng in the future. We have to have that leisurely money.

The jujube trafficker frowned and stretched his feet into the washbasin. He accidentally dropped a copper coin and gurgled, and the copper coin sank to the bottom of the pot.

Jujube traffickers are happy and come up with a good way.

When selling jujube the next day, jujube vendors put a water basin on the ground, packed half a pot of water, and then poured half a bowl of black dog blood.Every time he received the copper coins, he threw it into the water basin and judged the authenticity of the copper coins according to whether the copper coin sinks to the bottom.

After selling jujube for a day, there was no difference.A jujube traffickers hit a small drum in their hearts. Isn’t it that the ghost has not come today, or is it that the ghost has come, this pot of water is useless?

Speaking of it, I saw that it was about to be dark, and a woman wearing a white -bodied cloth was here to buy a jujube.Dajube dealers remember this woman. In the past few days, she came to buy jujube every day.

After collecting the money, the jujube trafficking threw the copper coins into the basin.Without making a rumor, copper coins floated on the water steadily.He picked up the copper coins, settled the god, and found that the copper coins in his hand actually turned into paper money again.

Jujube dealers are afraid and annoyed. Seeing that the woman is going to go far, I think that these days have been deceived a lot of jujube. No matter whether the other party is a man or a ghost, it must be justified.So he raised the burden and followed the woman.

After a while, the jujube dealers discovered the strangeness. This woman’s footsteps fluttering, unlike ordinary people walking.Women walked quickly, and they went out of the city after a long time, and walked into the wild mountains.Fortunately, the jujube vendor’s feet were sufficient, and the jujube sold a lot, and he picked the burden and walked behind.

Jujube traffickers followed the woman tightly and walked more than a dozen miles.Women did not slow down, and did not seem to notice that someone followed.When he walked to a chaotic post, the woman’s figure suddenly disappeared.

At this time, the sky was completely dark, and the mountain breeze blew through the chaotic post, making a whine, making people feel frightened.The jujube vendor was holding the cold war, thinking that this woman was really a ghost, let’s go, go back, there are wild graves everywhere on this burial post.The place to come.

At this moment, the baby’s laughter suddenly came from the burial post. The voice sounded loud and angry. It can be seen that the baby’s body must be very strong.The jujube traffickers held the fear of the bottom of their hearts, and couldn’t help walking the voice and found the sound of making a sound.

It was a new grave. After digging the tomb, the coffin was buried, and it was not even buried.Most of the coffin was exposed outside, and there was a large hole below.

The jujube vendor was brave, pushed the coffin board away, and just pushed away a small mouth, and it came out of the same thing.He was frightened and collapsed to the ground, so he saw that it was a mother fox.Its nipples are swollen, and it seems to be breastfeeding.

The baby’s laughter came from the coffin.The mother fox looked back at the coffin and ran into the grass.

Jujube traffickers quickly stood up and pushed the coffin board away.I saw a woman’s body lying inside, apparently died for a long time.A white fat boy was lying next to him, crying kept crying, and an already dry umbilical cord on the belly button extended into the lower abdomen of the female corpse.

The jujube vendor couldn’t help but yelled.Looking at the dressed dress of the female corpse, it is exactly the same as the female ghost he followed. Although the face has changed a little, it is obviously the same person.Looking at the situation, this white fat boy turned out to be her child.

Zao traffickers remembered the story of the elderly in the village that there were pregnant women who died of illness in the village, but the children in the belly produced safely. I did not expect that they were met by themselves today.Looking at the way of this family burial, it is clear that this woman does not pay much attention to this woman.After the woman died, the child was born in the coffin and no one raised. It must be unwilling, so he turned into a ghost to take care of the child.

There are many jujube nucleus scattered next to the baby. Among them, there is a bunch of jujube very fresh. It looks vaguely. It is a jujube sold to the female ghost. I did not expect that this female ghost even supported her child by this way.

The jujube traffickers saw that the female corpse opened wide, apparently, there was a lot of resentment after death.He worshiped the female corpse in the coffin and said, "Girl, I know you have resentment in your heart, I will help you bring your child back to your family,"

The eyes of the female corpse were still open, and it seemed that resentment was still difficult to calm down.

The baby found that jujube traffickers were looking at him. They were very happy, and they seemed to want him to hold him.

Jujube sedes over the coffin and picked up the baby. It seemed that he grinned and laughed very innocent, and seemed to not understand his life at all.The jujube vendor couldn’t help thinking that he and his wife had no children for many years.

When looking at the coffin, the eyes of the female corpse had closed.

Does this female ghost want to adopt this child?I saw that there was no tombstone in front of the grave. Looking at the way the family was buried, even if he could find his family, he would not be able to take good care of him.

The jujube vendor couldn’t help worshiping again, covering the coffin board, and promised to return to this place after the grave promised to repairs the grave again, and said that from now on, he will definitely bring this child.He made a mark in front of the grave, put the baby in the burden, and picked it home …

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