Just in the past 47 days, the entertainment industry was "flooded". Is this a collective wholesale?

Just in the past 47 days, the entertainment industry was "flooded", and the stars seemed to be a collective wholesale.

Looking at these "melons", there are both well -known big names in the country and small flowers loved by netizens, and all of them have pictures and truths. No one is groundless.

1. 张 和 嘉 and Zhang Zifeng

On the morning of February 16th, the well -known big V exposed the news that Qi Xujia and the girls went home for a date.

As a result, netizens click on the video, why is the girl running around Wu Xujia like Zhang Zifeng like "national sister"?

Now, the entire network has exploded.

Wu Xujia was a member of the X 年 Youth Group. Later, he joined the ReSE combination. His image is handsome, his temperament is fresh, and the fan base is huge.

However, in 2020, this little fresh meat was chaotic by his ex -girlfriend’s private life, splitting his legs during love, and cold violence to his girlfriend. His character and style were questioned.

However, this young man’s luck was very good. He was accepted by the Beijing Film Academy in August 2020 and became the same classmate with Zhang Zifeng with "sister" Zhang Zifeng.

The two had a good relationship during the school. They had been the host and cooperated with the drama together. I did not expect that they would eventually become a pair?

After the news of the suspected love of the two was exposed, netizens were DISS sister, hoping that she could polish her eyes and never go to the trash can pick up her boyfriend.

Indeed, looking back at the actors that Zhang Zifeng collaborated, such as Liu Haoran, Hu Xianyu, Wu Lei, etc., which one is not better than Xi Xujia?Is my sister myopia?

After the news of the suspected falling in love was exposed, the Internet was always fermented, but neither Zhang Zifeng and Xun Xujia’s studio did not respond. I wonder if they were pretending to be stupid?

There are also some fans who seeing Zhang Zifeng’s mind so unclear, it was really worrying that he launched the "collective powder" operation on the Internet.

2. Du Jiang dating female fans late at night

Du Jiang and Huo Siyan have always been the "model couple" of the entertainment industry. After exposing their relationship in 2012, the two have always sprinkled dog food and envy others.

After pregnancy, Huo Siyan became fat and ugly. Du Jiang didn’t care at all, and even chose to propose to proposal at that time, and the scene moved countless people.

After the two have children, they often appear together, and they have repeatedly showed affection in variety shows, and they have no signs of emotional breakdown.

Who would have thought that one day Du Jiang would also be revealed to be a "peach -colored scandal"?

On the day of Valentine’s Day on February 14, an unknown netizen broke the news that "a private chat with Du Jiang and female netizens", which looks very expected.

From the screenshot of the exposure, Du Jiang took the initiative to private party, not only required the chat records to keep confidential, but also to add the other party’s contact information.

After this record was exposed, it was instantly fermented on the Internet. Du Jiang’s "pet wife settings" and "upright people set up" were suspected of being questioned.

On the day of the Lantern Festival, Du Jiang and his studio all came forward to say that at the time for a Wuhan activity, some netizens needed to participate in the program, so they asked for confidentiality. The whole process was for work without other exchanges.

Later, some netizens jumped out, saying that Du Jiang and Huo Siyan had already played their own. The love picture everyone saw was that they were "performing."

Netizens also went to Huo Siyan’s account to comment and asked her "believe"?Unexpectedly, Huo Siyan really responded to "I believe" to confirm his trust in her husband.

I have to say that Huo Siyan is really Du Jiang’s inner assistance. After her debut, she not only helped her husband to get resources. Now her husband has revealed the "peach -colored scandal", and she still supports her husband.

In this way, Du Jiang must perform well and live a good life. Do not destroy the reputation established in recent years.

3. Zhao Benshan and Guan Tingna

The scandal between Zhao Benshan and Guan Tingna has a long history.It was just that Uncle Zhao was too large, no one dared to put it on the bright side.

However, this layer of window paper was poked by his "disciplinary grandson" Jiaojiao.

Since February 6th, Jiaojiao has been complaining to Zhao Benshan online: not only destroys my career, but also leads my ex -husband to go bankrupt. I came to a desperate situation. I was going to fight back.

Later, everyone knew that it was Jiaojiao and his ex -husband invested in a "Liu Laogen’s big stage", but because of the epidemic, the business was affected, and the money invested all the water drifting.

It stands to reason that doing business is to make money and make money, and Jiaojiao’s mood should not be so great.Moreover, when Jiaojiao first debuted, Benshan Media gave her a lot of resources. Now she starts to bite because of her business failure.

Later, Jiaojiao said that she was suppressed by Ban Mountain Media for many years, and she couldn’t even get hundreds of wages, which just forced her to a desperate situation.

Some netizens also persuade Jiaojiao: let’s give up, after all, there is a kind of encounter.However, you can say about him and Guan Tingna.

Unexpectedly, Jiaojiao really responded: a real story!

At this time, the entire network was exploded, and they said that no wonder Zhao Benshan performed Guan Tingna every time, and every time he played husband and wife.

After the incident was fermented, Guan Tingna said during the live broadcast of the Internet: Being a man must take care of his mouth, you can’t say everything, and be careful.

Later, Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s ball also posted on the Internet and said: If anyone dares to slander my father’s private life again, even if I fight for the family, I will tell her!

On February 16, Jiaojiao posted a new video, and the video was chaotic. She was using a nanny to clean up the mansion. At the same time, she said that she would leave here and live a good life with her children.

It seems that in this chaotic war, Jiaojiao still lost. After all, her arm could not be stubborn, so I still live a good life.

4. Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang

On February 16th, because of the scandal of Zhang Zifeng and Xun Xujia, Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang’s scandal finally came to an end.

However, there are many stories about this "peach -colored melon".

Huang Zitao has been under the name of "single male god" since he returned to China, and has never exposed his relationship.

Even if she played hot with several Korean girls, she was exposed to intimate photos, but Huang Zitao did not recognize the relationship.

After all, he is an idol male god, and the "girlfriend fan" around him. Once exposing the relationship is really not powerful for the development of the career.

But this time, Huang Zitao was "digging the grave".

Before Valentine’s Day, Huang Zitao accidentally revealed his WeChat avatar during the live broadcast. It turned out to be a picture of playing with girls.

The fiery -eyed netizens enlarged it, and the girls chased by Huang Zitao turned out to be his artist Xu Yiyang.

Some netizens found that some of the previous accessories of Huang Zitao were also couples as Xu Yiyang; the two also went to Sanya to travel together in 2020, and their background photos were exactly the same.

In some of the previous interactions, the two can also see that the sweetness is extraordinary, the eyes are very loving, and they look like a love.

However, even if netizens picked up so many details, Huang Zitao still did not admit the relationship, and was still angry on the Internet, saying that they had fantasy.

Obviously, he was in love but set up a single person. The fans asked for a lot of temper. Such Huang Zitao was also popular. Many netizens said that they have taken off their fans since then!

In the past few days, news about Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang has been constantly. Unexpectedly, Zhang Zifeng and Xun Xujia’s scandal later went up, and they accidentally rescued Huang Zitao.

The incident of Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang found that Huang Zitao had been avoided the problem, and he did not respect the fans at all, and even some self -discarding approach should not.

5. Huang Xiaoming and Jiang Xin

Before the Spring Festival in 2022, Huang Xiaoming’s official announcement and Baby divorced, which attracted the attention of the entire network at the time.

Unexpectedly, after more than ten days, Huang Xiaoming and Jiang Xin had a "peach -colored scandal" of "suspected love".

It turned out that on February 11, Huang Xiaoming showed a video of "ice pier" in the gym, and Jiang Xin’s figure appeared behind him.

Prior to this, Huang Xiaoming specially greeted Jiang Xin when he issued a red envelope in the Spring Festival, and the two looked very close.

In the face of the overwhelming scandal, Huang Xiaoming did not respond, but Jiang Xin couldn’t help but replied online: We are brothers.

It turned out that the two were filming "Lurder" in a crew. The previous gym was in the crew, and it was no wonder that it appeared frequently.

Looking at Huang Xiaoming’s predecessors, I know that he is a very protective person, and what he likes is simple girls. How can he like the "female man" like Jiang Xin?

After the scandal of the two was revealed, Jiang Xin also blamed Huang Xiaoming: I think it is your problem because I have never been fried in the scandal.

As a popular star, the two still need to avoid suspicion, so as not to have exterior branches, and then reveal such a "peach -colored scandal."

6. Guo Degang and Wang Mengting

Since the popularity of Guo Degang, his character has been recognized. He has never had a scandal for many years, and his relationship with his wife Wang Hui has also been very good.

However, during the Spring Festival in 2022, a public account broke the news that the drama actor Wang Mengting gave birth to a child before, and the suspected relationship with Guo Degang was not shallow.

The netizen also claimed that Wang Mengting had previously performed a drama in the Sanqing Garden under Guo Degang. She could not afford a luxury car at her income, but soon after she went to Sanqing Garden, she drove on a luxury car and lived in a luxury mansion. As forWhere the money comes from is self -evident.

Subsequently, Wang Mengting posted twice in a row, requiring the public account of the post to delete the text and apologize.Although the public account deleted the article, the message was deeply connotative and thoughtful.

From beginning to end, Wang Mengting did not mention his child’s father and Guo Degang.And Guo Degang had never ignored it at the beginning. It was not until the fifth day of the New Year’s Day that a "pinch of the little man’s mouth" was sent to respond to the scandal.

As a big man in the cross talk world, Guo Degang’s every move will affect a faction. This time, he did not show up in the Spring Festival Gala of David, so he explained this problem.

I hope that this big man can hold it. Do not explode the peach -colored scandal, to Deyun Society, Guo Qilin, and his wife.

If you want to mix in the entertainment industry and enjoy the welfare brought by fame, you must hold yourself to get the long -term support of the audience.

7. Guo Caijie is currently serving as sleeping powder

Guo Caijie is an actress that everyone likes. Gu Li, who played in "Little Times", was very angry and countless.

Who would have thought that such a heroic girl also likes a "scumbag" without appearance and no talent?

As early as 2019, Guo Caijie was revealed and associated with an producer named Idel.

Two years later, someone broke the news. Guo Caijie liked Idel very much. Not only did he buy two houses for the man, but also spent 5 million to open the company.

In fact, just in February 2020, the predecessor of "Idl" broke the news, saying that his virtue was not equipped, nausea, flower girl money, love to take advantage of his girlfriend, and induced his girlfriend to absorb marijuana.

Unexpectedly, Idr was now having a scandal. Although he issued a lawyer’s letter saying that he would take legal measures to protect himself, it was unanimously ridiculed by netizens.

Life is alive, and the character is heavy. A person without a character is almost unhappy. I hope Guo Caijie will never be used and deceived by such men.

8. Liu Yijun’s son was exposed as Neptune

Liu Yijun is a powerful faction that everyone likes. Even his son Liu Yizheng has been stained. In recent years, he has received a lot of resources and was praised as "the tiger father has no dogs."

Who would have thought that this handsome guy was actually disclosed "a great king and a girlfriend in many cities."

Moreover, the hammers also showed chat records and photos. It seemed that Liu Yizheng was unwilling to be lonely, and he was dialing his girlfriend everywhere.

As early as 2020, some people broke the news of Liu Yizheng, but at that time he was unknown and the public relations were very powerful, so the news did not ferment.

No, for more than a year, the constitution of the Neptune could no longer be hidden. Now it has been revealed to the big materials, and even his father Liu Yijun has been implicated.

Nowadays, people in the circle broke the news that the business connections of Liu Yijun and his son Liu Yizheng have all been lifted. In the future, they have developed their own respective. I hope not to be involved in each other.

Liu Yijun’s face value and acting skills are recognized. I hope that they will never be affected by their sons, otherwise female fans will be crazy.

9. Liang Sen and Wang Mengli

Liang Sen is an actor in the Mainland. He graduated from Chinese opera and has appeared in "Dear Archimede", "Fuyao" and "Full -time Master".

On weekdays, Liang Sen mixed in variety shows, attracted much attention because of his own personality.

However, the young man has always been a single person.Unexpectedly, on the night of Valentine’s Day on February 14, he was photographed for a date with his 7 -year -old actress Wang Mengli.

On the day of Valentine’s Day, the two rushed out happily, and then went to a movie theater. Liang Sen also bought a large bunch of flowers for Wang Mengli. The two looked sweet.

However, because the two people have a small position and their relationship has not set off a lot of storms, almost no one knows that the two are in love.

10. Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying

In the Spring Festival of 2022, except for the big guys and small flowers in the circle, the "peach -colored scandal" broke out, and Wang Xiaofei, a "divorced man", was unwilling to show weakness.

Wang Xiaofei was first photographed to eat with Zhang Yingying. The two also held hands and interacted intimately. Then, a relationship broke out.

However, no matter how the news is fermented, Wang Xiaofei will not respond. Instead, Zhang Yingying can’t sit still. He replied on the Internet that "I have nothing to do with Wang Xiaofei and I have something to do with many girls."

What is confusing is that Zhang Yingying then deleted the news. Netizens speculated that this was a joke that the two did not talk about the "officials and officials and officials", so they made a joke.

According to the news and photos of all parties, Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying are really innocent.

Before Wang Xiaofei divorced, Zhang Yingying accompanied Zhang Lan to climb the mountain many times. The relationship between each other was very close. Where is it like an outsider?

If the big S is divorced for this reason, it is really aggrieved.

You know, Da S has always been a proud princess. Because her husband derailed and divorced, it is estimated that she felt embarrassed, so she had been maintaining Wang Xiaofei’s face after divorce.

11. Wang Yuelun has a new love

In addition to Wang Xiaofei’s "old tree blooms", Wang Yuelun was unwilling to show weakness. During the Spring Festival of 2022, he exposed the appearance of Xinhuan.

Some reporters took pictures that Wang Yuelun appeared at the airport during the Spring Festival, pushed a car luggage in person, and followed a thin and tall beauty behind him.

Looking closely, this beauty is indeed younger than Li Xiang, but financial resources are definitely not as good as Li Xiang. I wonder if Wang Yuelun can afford it?

Of course, Li Xiang was unwilling to show weakness, and then showed photos of traveling with a young handsome guy. From the video, Li Xiang lost a lot and burst into the second spring. Is it the power of love?

This pair can also be regarded as complaints. Not only did they tear each other when they divorced, but they still competed with their ex -their predecessors. They were really sparkling across the Internet.

I just hope that when they are strong, don’t hurt their daughter Wang Shiling. After all, she is not old and needs to be protected.

12. Zeng Zhiwei and his friends widow

Although Zeng Zhiwei has grown in appearance, since his debut, he has been known for its popularity, and his love history is also very exciting.

During the Spring Festival in 2022, some netizens photographed that Zeng Zhiwei and a lady’s shopping picture looked very close.

Later, netizens deeply learned that this lady was A Xue, the widow of Zeng Zhiwei’s friend. For many years, Zeng Zhiwei has been taking care of her, and it seems that she has a close relationship.

Before, Zeng Zhiwei was photographed to travel, visiting a night market with Axue, etc., and it looked very close.

In fact, if this is true, there is nothing big. After all, Zeng Zhiwei’s wife has died. If the two can take care of each other, it is a good thing.

13. Xiaohua Guo Shuang’s self -destruction future

In recent years, many girls’ groups have been excavated in the entertainment industry. The SNH48 group is one of them.

In the combination, there is a sweet -looking, cute girl named Guo Shuang, and is very popular with the otakus.

Before entering the group, the company signed a contract with the girls, asking everyone not to fall in love during the development period.

However, this Guo Shuang "secretly Chen Cang" showed her love with her boyfriend on the Internet with a trumpet. Finally, the relationship was exposed.

On February 13, Guo Shuang apologized publicly, but she burst into tears, as if it was not her who made mistakes, but the company and the audience.

In fact, love is not wrong, but under the premise of signing the contract with the company, it still knows the mistakes, and it must be punished.

Just after the Lantern Festival in 2022, the Spring Festival has just passed, and 13 "peach -colored melons" have been exposed in the entertainment industry. Is this afraid that everyone will be boring for the New Year.

As a star, it is also a normal person. Of course, you can fall in love, but you hope to "talk about a normal love" instead of secretly Chencang, deceive fans, and virtual heads. This will only lose everyone’s love.

——End —————

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