Know the pain you may have during pregnancy

Thirteen weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should clarify pain during pregnancy, and the pain caused by pregnancy often brings irritable mood to pregnant women, which affects the healthy development of the baby.These pains are inevitable but relieved.

1. Back pain

Pregnant women often feel that the waist is very heavy, backache, pain, etc., and even if lying down, it will not reduce pain.Pregnant women can kneel on the bed and lay on the pillow with their heads with their hands, so that the fetus does not squeeze the nerves of the waist, which can reduce a lot of pain.When you sleep, put a small candy pillow under the waist, which will be much better.Usually strengthen exercise, promote blood circulation, and eat more calcium tablets, so as to relieve pain from improving physical fitness.

Second, legs and stomach pain

The pregnant mother will have the phenomenon of legs and stomach pain, that is, pregnant women will cramp at night.It is easy to deal with this pain. Pregnant women can soak their feet with warm water before going to bed, so that their feet are in a warm state, and they can also massage their calves, so that the pain of the legs and belly can be eased to a certain extent.

Third, pubic pain

Pubic pain is the deepest pain during pregnancy, which is the most unbearable by pregnant women.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant women often feel the feeling of pulling the pubic bone.At this time, the method of response is to rest less. At the same time, it can also relieve pain with hot water bars in the pubic bone.

Fourth, vulva pain

Vulvar pain will be accompanied by swelling and local skin redness.When this pain occurs, pregnant women should avoid standing for a long time, and do not shower with hot water with high temperature.

Fifth, sciatic nerve pain

The increasingly heavier fetus will cause squeezing the sciatic nerves of the pregnant woman, causing pain in the position below the waist of the pregnant woman.When pregnant women sleep on the left lying posture, they can pinch a pillow between their knees and knees. Do not sit or stand for more than half an hour during the same posture during the day. It can also relieve the pain by swimming.

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