Knowing that I was pregnant, my husband took out the infertility certificate to divorce, but I agreed on the spot that he regretted it.

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"Whose child? I can’t give birth at all, but you are pregnant," Wang Ke took out the infertility certificate.

"Do you think the child is from me and other men? Okay, then divorce," Sang Qing said.

Sang Qing was pregnant, her husband Wang Ke took out the infertility certificate to divorce. Sang Qing agreed on the spot, but Wang Ke regretted it.

After Sang Qing and Wang Ke got married, Sang Qing failed to get pregnant. Although her in -laws and husbands did not say anything, Sang Qing was still uncomfortable.

In the third year of marriage, Sang Qing couldn’t help it. She secretly went to the hospital for an examination, showing that she had no problem, so Sang Qing went home and said, "You can go to the hospital for an examination.rule."

Wang Ke perfunctory: "Okay, I will go when I have time. It is natural to have a child. It is impossible to relax. Maybe there will be one day."

Sang Qing was slowly no longer so nervous, but she asked Wang Ke to go to the hospital for examination, but Wang Ke did not go. Sang Qing felt wrong, but didn’t think much.

After a year, Sang Qing began to be disgusting and couldn’t eat, and she was particularly lethargic. Sang Qing thought that she had a problem with her body. She went to the hospital to check and found that she was pregnant. Sang Qing was happy.

She knew that although Wang Ke and her in -laws didn’t say anything, they must have wanted a child. For four years of marriage, Sang Qing was finally pregnant.Essence

Sang Qing returned home happily and handed the test results to her husband’s hands. Wang Ke asked, "What is this?"

Sang Qing said, "You can see it quickly." She waited for her husband’s response with her expectations, but found that her husband’s face became more and more ugly.

Sang Qing felt that things were wrong, so she asked her husband: "Why are you reaction? I’m pregnant, we have children, are you unhappy?"

Wang Ke didn’t say a word. He returned to the room and took a few pieces of paper and threw it to Sang Qing and said, "I can’t give birth, you tell me that you are pregnant?"

Sang Qing was stunned, the husband said that he could not have children?She picked up those paper and opened it. It really said that there was a problem with her body, and there was basically no possibility of fertility.

It turned out that when he was young, Wang Ke always loved to drink with friends, and he kept smoking. He always stayed up late. After a few years, Wang Ke felt that he felt uncomfortable and went to the hospital for examination.

The doctor told him that he would not pay attention to big problems in his body, and from his physical condition, it was basically infertility in the future, and Wang Ke slowly quit the tobacco and alcohol and began to schedule regularly, but he was infertile.Never said.

If others know that he is infertile, he will definitely not marry him, and Sang Qing has always been covered in the drum. Sang Qing understands at this time, why did he give birth to his grandmother for so long, why did she let Wang Ke go to the hospital to check Wang Ke, butAlways resign.

Sang Qing was very angry. Her husband was not in trouble with her. It was obviously her husband’s fault. Now she is pregnant, but her husband doubts that she is not acceptable, which makes Sang Qing unacceptable. She questioned Wang Ke: "So bigWhat happened, but you hidden from me? Are you deceiving marriage! "

Wang Ke said, "You are embarrassed to tell me to cheat marriage. I can’t have birth at all, but you are pregnant. You are ghosts outside and give me a green hat. Now I am embarrassed to blame me? Hurry up!"

Sang Qing listened to her husband’s slander, and she didn’t want to explain it anymore. She agreed on the spot: "Divorce is divorced, and I am not rare for such a marriage!"

Sang Qing couldn’t let Wang Ke insult her even if she was going to divorce, so she went to the hospital for a parent -child identification. She threw it to Wang Ke when she divorced, and let Wang Ke regret her behavior.

Sang Qing went home with the inspection report, and she didn’t pay attention. She went to clean up her own things and planned to move out. Wang Ke saw the inspection report. He opened it curiously and found that it was a parent -child identification report.Show Sang Qing’s belly with his child.

When Wang Ke was shocked, he was happy and afraid of regrets. He finally had a child, and he was afraid that Sang Qing would not forgive him. Wang Ke regretted his death. He treated Sang Qing in such an attitude and proposed a divorce.

He quickly hid in the toilet to call his parents. Wang Ke said to his mother, "Mom, you are coming with my dad, Sang Qing is pregnant, and now he wants to divorce me. Come and help me."

When Wang Ke’s parents heard that his son and daughter -in -law were about to divorce, he hurried to stop.

Sang Qing saw her in -laws without a good look. The family hid her as a fool. This made Sang Qing very unhappy. Wang Ke told his parents after the matter. Wang Ke’s parents were happy and angry, complaining about the king.Ke: "You are confused. If you don’t figure it out, you will be divorced. What should I do if my daughter -in -law and grandson are going?"

If a family of three discusses, Sang Qing can not leave Sang Qing. Wang Ke’s parents quickly prepared a bunch of pregnant women to eat and drink, and tried their best to serve Sang Qing.Sang Qing looked at their attitude and asked, "What are you doing? Are you divorced?"

Wang Ke said, "I’m confused. If you say what I said, don’t care. I will definitely not divorce you. You can forgive me if you are in Qingqing. I promise to be good to you in the future and listen to everything."

Wang Ke’s mother also echoed: "Yeah, Qingqing, you will have the final say in the future. If Wang Ke dares to be bad for you, I will be angry with you, you will forgive him this time."

Wang Ke and his parents are delicious and delicious every day. Sang Qing is an apology. Sang Qing is slowly softened. Although she has not forgive Wang Ke, she has not mentioned divorce.

Sophomores should trust each other and treat each other frankly in order to avoid misunderstandings and maintain a harmonious relationship.

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