Kun Ling has a lower waist in the pregnant belly in April, and you are so beautiful to do so

Kun Ling is currently pregnant with his second child for 4 months and has recently flew to Spain with his husband Jay Chou. He has shared European tourist landscape and food photos on the social networking site for the past few days.On the 17th, she took a street shooting. In the photo, Kun Ling was taking a picture of a man at a bus station at the bus station.Slim calves.Netizens call Kun Ling during pregnancy and have a good figure, and the waist strength is unusual.

The editor was shocked to see it. Kun Ling could still lower his waist with his pregnancy in April. Are you not afraid of hurting the fetus?In fact, it is not difficult to see from the Weibo of Kun Ling and Zhou Dong.According to the relevant information, it is also good for the fetus to do some exercise during pregnancy.

What exercise is better for pregnant women during pregnancy?This should be selected according to different stages of pregnancy.

1. Aerobic exercise in early pregnancy

1-3 months of pregnancy is the unstable placenta, which is also a dangerous period in the early pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women will have the physiological symptoms of mental illness, drowsiness, and sickness.The metabolism of expectant mothers also increased in the early pregnancy, and the calories were consumed very fast. Insufficient blood sugar supply would lead to drowsiness.At this stage, in addition to ensuring full rest, pregnant mothers must also cooperate with some aerobic exercises, such as jogging, fast walking, swimming, simple rhythm exercises, climbing stairs, and so on.It is not necessary to do it every one, and expectant mothers can choose one or two of them or convenient exercises.This is conducive to adapting to pregnancy physiological changes and fetal development.

2. Most exercise amount is required in the second trimester

When the fetus grows to 4-7 months, that is, in the second trimester, the physiological condition has been relatively stable, and the pregnant woman has also survived the crisis of abortion in the early pregnancy.Everything is stomach, fearing danger.Therefore, the amount of exercise in the middle of pregnancy can be appropriately increased to enhance the body’s circulation vitality.At this stage, pregnant mothers can perform activities and exercise such as dancing, jogging, swimming, etc. at this stage. These are good exercise methods.

Third, the third trimester should be prepared for the preparation of the delivery

After 7 months of pregnancy, the burden of expectant mothers is getting heavier, the uterus excessively expands, and the pressure in the uterine cavity is also high. At this time, the uterine mouth gradually becomes shorter., Pain in the legs, hips, and cramps.And this period is also a key stage for pregnant women to store good physical strength for good health. The premise is to reduce the amount of exercise in accordance with the physical condition. It should not be too frequent to avoid premature production.Therefore, most of the activities in the third trimester are mainly based on gentle exercises or stretching exercises. As long as the back pain can be relieved, the muscle tension can be enhanced, the hip and legs are stretched, and the preparation of the smooth delivery.

In addition, expectant mothers, especially when the due date, is near the due date, the physical center of gravity moves, and the activity is becoming inconvenient. The waist muscles and back muscles are often in a state of tension.pressure.During this period, the sport is not too large. Some movement of stretching muscles and bones is very suitable. If you cooperate with the breathing method, it can effectively help delivery.

Some expectant mothers may like to drink sports drinks or cola during exercise during pregnancy, which is not advisable.First of all, exercise during pregnancy is not too tired, so you don’t need to exercise to make your body overheat and sweat.Specific mothers only need to do some gentle and comfortable exercise, and then drink plenty of water and juice during exercise.

Many pregnant mothers said that they were worried that exercise during pregnancy would lead to premature birth. In fact, don’t worry.Because data studies have pointed out that although pregnant women have accelerated their heartbeat during exercise, the heart rate of the fetus has not risen, which shows that appropriate exercise during pregnancy does not threaten the fetal safety.In addition, do not stick to form during pregnancy. Choose more good exercise methods to achieve the best results, such as walking, yoga, health exercises and other effects.

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