Kun Ling’s purchase of constipation medicine was accidentally found out that pregnancy was pregnant, 2 babies, unknown insurance, Dahua beating his belly


Kun Ling said that he usually had poor bowel movements, and he often went to buy constipation medicine. Once he went to a prescription herself. When the doctor asked her if there was a problem with a powerful medicine, the doctor instructed her to be sure that she had no determination.You can take it when you are pregnant

This seemed to be funny at the time, because she was confident how she could get pregnant, but when the final test result came out, Kun Ling was surprised and frightened, because there was really a baby in her stomach, that is, she and Jay Chou’sThird child


You can only say that youth is good. If you think about this situation, if it happens to Zhong Liti, it is really good news. It is happier than one hundred million in the winning prize.

There are also many friends who discuss contraceptive measures. Everyone’s consistent point is that infertility is equivalent to pregnancy. After all, it is the age of childbirth. Kun Ling is only in his 20s.Very normal


However, if you are pregnant, you do n’t know if you do n’t know it. You can still confirm that he is not pregnant. Kun Ling is really very big. I want to say that this pharmacy doctor is very professional, otherwise it ’s one.Pile tragedy

Now their 3 child children have been born smoothly.Is a cute daughter, for Kun Ling who likes children, it will undoubtedly make this family more complete


I ca n’t help but talk about Kun Ling here. How do you have been a mother who has been a mother?As we all know, the second child of Kun Ling and Jay Chou is a son, and the "origin" of this son is a bit unusual

Kun Ling once admitted in a show, saying that when he was in his second child, he worked outside, when Jay Chou explored his own class herself


It may be because there is no intention to prepare for pregnancy. Kun Ling does not feel the possibility of pregnancy. After that, she made a movie, which was the movie "Extreme Chase" filmed with Ren Dahua. At that time, there was a play. Ren Dahua had a fist.Hit the lens on Kunling’s belly

Kun Ling himself signaled that the other party had no situation, so everything was really good, but Ren Dahua was very gentleman. He felt that no matter what the situation was, the girl’s belly could not play casually.Coincidentally, at the press conference after filming, Kun Ling expressed his gratitude to Ren Dahua for saving his child’s life.

Because I later learned that I was really pregnant at that time, I had a baby, but I didn’t know if I was too short …


You can only say that it is good to be dangerous and dangerous. If you change to another male artist, you may not have the birth of this son.In addition to talking about Kun Ling’s heart, I have to say that Kun Ling is really not an amazing person. It looks soft and weak and needs to be protected, but in fact, she has a strong personality and can endure hardships.

For example, when she hit Hollywood at the time, the movie "Ferris Rescue" was preparing to audition Mirror En Qiangsen, but it was unfortunate that she was promoted on the delivery room on the day of the audition, because her daughter was born

So she missed this opportunity, but on the third day when she gave birth to her daughter, she didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so she asked Jay Chou to push the wheelchair to participate in the audition of the movie. Fortunately, in the end she won the roleIt is worth mentioning that Kun Ling is a cesarean section and holds the pain to grit his teeth.


When I saw it, I found that as a king of heaven, Kun Ling did not relax himself. To be honest, it was the ruthlessness of himself. Isn’t it ordinary woman?

I know her friends who know her. Kun Ling’s childhood life is not happy. When she was young, her parents divorced. After the father married the stepmother, she was very unbelievable.I accidentally learned that the biological mother also set up a new family, and then secretly returned


It happened to meet the tender style, she became a model, and also recorded the program of "I Love the Black Substitute", but because of the sparse dance, she was abandoned. After that, she went to a tide shop to work.I only knew that the owner of the work was Jay Chou, because the long beautiful was recommended by Jay Chou to audition him MV

In the end, Kun Ling successfully won this role, and at the same time accompanied Jay Chou for several years as a staff member. Finally, Jay Chou saw Kun Ling’s forbearance and dedication to give her a name.Will know how to cherish


Facts have proved that having a child is not much different from age, and is closely related to the maturity of the mind. It is said that girls such as Kunling’s general and unpretentious girls are lucky to everyone like Jay Chou?

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